The BlueGriffon add-ons web site is not fully ready yet. But we would like to give you the opportunity not only to test our add-ons but also to contribute to the BlueGriffon project.
As you already know, the editor BlueGriffon is Open Source, free to download and use. To preserve the free nature of BlueGriffon, we sell add-ons enhancing your editing experience.

Starting 22-nov-2010 and ending the day we release BlueGriffon 1.0, you can get ALL our add-ons FOR LIFE for only 35€. All. Forever. Should we create and sell a new add-on that does not exist when you buy the package, no problem, you'll get it free just like the others as soon as we release it. There's an extra: the first ten subscribers will receive a FREE BlueGriffon 1.0 t-shirt when we release the product!

See here for more information.