As I said earlier, Web Fonts are cool. One of the main web sites listing and delivering free Web Fonts is FontSquirrel. According to the web site, FontSquirrel has 544 web fonts ready for @font-face consumption. In fact a bit less than that because some fonts are commercial or not hosted by FontSquirrel. But still, 500+ free Web Fonts... A lot.

After a two hours nap I really needed because of my current lumbago (pain, pain, pain...), I started looking at FontSquirrel and I think I can add a super simple UI for all @font-face ready Web Fonts hosted by FontSquirrel to BlueGriffon. Nothing really complicated here but a bit of work. Should be ready in a week from now. This feature will be included in the free editor (i.e. you won't have to buy an add-on for that) and the code will be MPL'd. Stay tuned!