BlueGriffon is now 121,325 lines of code... 145,858 if you count the commercial add-ons. Entirely written from scratch, empty intersection with Nvu/KompoZer. BlueGriffon still does not patch the trunk at all, it's a pure xulrunner-based app.

What's on my radar right now:

  • more UI for the main window ; one-click insertion of all HTML5 elements, the Table menu, the viewport's context menu, table cell fusion/explosion
  • the ActiveView add-on; polishing
  • the Table Layout add-on; polishing
  • the FlexBox Layout wizard; 10% done
  • the Project Manager add-on that will not only allow to publish in a project the current document but also all linked instances: stylesheets, images, documents, video, audio with URL rewriting if needed and nice helpers to keep your project organized; 80% done