Our geek world is a world of trust. Just like in Antwerp at the Diamond Bourse, people belong only to two categories: trustable or not trustable. In Software, most of the people around us are trustable. Around me, almost everyone is trustable, almost everyone has always been trustable. It's so rare so find someone untrustable that it always hit me as a shock. I still remember marca's words about the three challenges a company faces "hire, hire and hire". A corollary of the hiring process is trust. Hire only people you trust. Hire only people you can respect. Hire only people who can do better than you if they're not already doing better than you.

So yesterday, I had a shock. Three shocks to be more precise. That's a bad beginning for 2011, since nobody shocked me to that level in the five last years. Grrr.

PS: in fact, there are two other categories at the Diamond Bourse: those who can speak yiddish and the others.