The title says it all. The FBI cannot decipher two notes found on a body ten years ago and request your help. Like all geeks on the planet today, I took a look at the two documents. A few things struck me immediately:

  1. the individual probably spoke only english ; the two notes are then probably written in english
  2. some parts of the notes clearly show sequences of 3 to 5 characters separated by a whitespace or dash, sometimes a slash ; the whitespace/dash separators seem to be naturally written, but I can notice some light differences between two consecutive sequences : height, pressure of the pen on the paper. Therefore I think each sequence is individually "computed" and written down before the author moves to the next one.

Given that, one section of the second document caught my eye more than the others.


  1. the code here must be simple enough so it's readable in the street, w/o table, paper and pen to decipher.
  2. each sequence above probably represents a single letter because we have two redundancies here. It's very unlikely the sentence contains twice a word followed by twice another word
  3. if we make the reasonable assumption that the above is one single word (before after that line are two parenthesis blocks so we have a pretty well determined sequence here), we have two choices : it's a name (person, city, river, ...) and then it's a very difficult case ; it's a common word and hey well, we can probably do something...
  4. the four last letters are either two same consonants followed by two same vowels or two same vowels followed by two same consonants ; the latter almost does not exist in every day's english. So it's two similar consonants followed by two similar vowels, the whole preceded by two other letters.
  5. in everyday's english (excluding the really rare words), that leaves us three words only


I bet on "coffee" and I am 100% serious. It does not say at all what is the encryption method, but I hope it could trigger more discoveries in the two texts. About the encryption method, I think it's not computational, it could be entirely different. Take MRSE for E ; MRSE could be the abbreviation of Morse and the E the initial of the first name of someone called Morse (it's just an example).

And if the above is pure delirium, then well, I had 5 minutes of fun :-)