it's everywhere. Add-ons broken (hear disabled) by faster updates of Firefox are a pain for users. I think Mozilla could prevent this implementing the rather simple following rules:

  • if an add-on's maxVersion does not match any more Firefox's version, show an alert/notification/arrowbox offering to disable the version compatibility check for that add-on, enabling immediately the add-on for immediate use ; it should be a real warning box, of course...
  • if an add-on with compatibility check disabled is suddenly updated or auto-updated to a version matching Firefox, re-enable compatibility checking
  • modify the add-ons manager to make the above clearer and make it easier to enabled/disable the compatibility checking for a given add-on (there is currently no UI for that and that's really lacking)
  • when auto-update of add-ons is performed, let the user know if he/she has add-ons that are enabled only because their compatibility check is disabled

This is not an optimal solution, it's a short-term compromise to stop making users angry, in particular in the case of an add-on not served by AMO (and there are plenty of them) that could easily survive a maxVersion bump. Opinions?