in 3DTilt is cool. Very cool. But I almost see it as a debugging tool and I wish the links were clickable, Firebug or DOMI could work. So I did what I always do in such a case, what I did long ago with Small Screen Rendering: I used CSS :-) It's less powerful since the 3D is not dynamic but as a debugging tool, it's probably more useful.

Take a web page, any web page, and add this stylesheet to the document. Reload in Firefox.

body {
-moz-transform: skew(-6deg, 0deg);
-moz-transform-origin: center center;

*:not(body):not(html):not(a):not(img):not(span) { -moz-transform: translate(0px, 6px); -moz-border-bottom-colors: gray silver silver silver silver gray; border-bottom: 6px silver solid; -moz-border-right-colors: gray silver silver gray; border-right: 4px transparent solid; border-top: 1px gray solid; border-left: 1px gray solid; }

Note: you can use this very convenient bookmarklet: Test Styles. Just drop it onto your bookmarks toolbar and use it.

Update: of course, once we have 3D Transforms, it'll be even cleaner and simpler.