Exactly two years ago almost to the day, BlueGriffon started using Bespin for its source editor.

Two years and two name changes later, not only the project has drastically changed from its original codebase but the documentation for the project is still almost non-existent; lack of doc is already painful for a project like mine, a wysiwyg standalone editor, but it's awful for an embeddable project like Ace.

The complexity of the code and its architecture, it's monstruous size, the crazyness of themes in CSS themselves contained in JS and more make my every day's life with Ace more and more difficult every day.

I am pondering switching to another source code editor because of:

  1. readability of the code; using Require.js all over the place helps the developer, rarely the user. The other embeddable editor I'm currently looking at is incredibly more readable than Ace. When I want to hack Ace, I'm totally lost and I never know if the code I'm writing will be correctly exposed to the external world. Even worse, I never know if a given function I was planning to use is exposed to me or how.
  2. size of the code; the other embeddable editor I'm currently looking at is 4 times smaller than Ace... Sorry, but yeah, size matters.
  3. theming is too complex for what it's worth in Ace. I want CSS and CSS only, like in any good web page.
  4. speed - and I agree Ace is fast - is not an excuse. The other embeddable editor I'm currently looking at has no problem whatsoever dealing with a 35,000 lines javascript file.
  5. embedding a grammar inside another one, and html documents can contain scripts and css while html file can also contain php, is vital to me. Doing that in Ace is, to say the least, totally cryptic to me.
  6. autocompletion should not be complex to add. With Ace, it is complex. A good autocompletion for html or CSS should not be more than roughly 30 lines of very light JavaScript.

I understand this is not a positive message, but I wanted to share my concerns with you if that can help the project. Even if I may stop using it in the very near future, I wish Ace all the best.