(Note: this article did not originally appear on planet ; but given the incredibly violent reactions to Gerv's article I read, I changed its category)

Associating Gervase Markham and the words "hate speech" or "a particular group of people are not human" are very clear indicators that the author (Tim Chevalier) of these words doesn't know our Gerv, should urgently cool down, vent his anger on something else or focus his energy on treating his own paranoia. And Tim is not the only one who should cool down. The reactions to Gerv's post are far too violent.

Associating Gervase Markham and the words "we’ve fired people who made bigoted remarks at work before, and we’ll do it again" seems to me a rather violent attack on Gervase's UK constitutional rights granted to all UK citizens physically in the UK to say what is legal is the UK on their UK blog. And even a US employer can't go against that inside the European Union. Associating Gerv and these words is a threat, and that threat is no better than the imaginary hate it calls against. That threat is, at least to me, unacceptable and has nothing to do with the Mozillian spirit.

Years ago, someone left hate messages on Gerv's blog abusing my identity. Gerv did the right thing : he pinged me instead of replying instantly with public hate himself. Why is so hard to do the same in the current case and solve the issue as ADULTS instead of draggling Gerv backwards and forwards in the mud?

Planet.mozilla.org syndicates blogs without filter. Fix planet, but stop harassing Gerv. Period. His blog, his web site, his freedom of speech, with perfectly legal words as a UK citizen. I don't agree with Gerv here, but I fail 100% seeing hate or humanity denial in his prose. And associating his own prose to Mozilla-the-corporation-and-the-foundation only because it appeared on an unfiltered pmo seems to me strict political correctness.

Today, on pmo, there's a blog article titled "Freelancing". It has nothing to do with Mozilla, strictly saying. It could be understood as an ad for the author. Syndicated too on Mozilla resources ; interestingly, nobody reacted to that one. The Mozilla Community is global? Show it. Show you're able to deal with other cultures, other law systems, other opinions. Debate. But don't silence people. Silencing legal opinions is dictatorship.

Anyway, I also wanted to tell my support to pmo peers ; staying onboard and keeping the boat sailing in the middle of such a ridiculous storm is not funny, not a nice moment. Thanks for doing your duty and remaining a voice of sanity, guys. Seriously.