Transforms, Transitions and Animations

The CSS WG just resolved during its weekly conf call to allow browsers vendors to unprefix CSS 3 Transforms, Transitions and Animations immediately.


1. On Thursday 7 June 2012, 04:49 by Marco

Great. One down and n-don't-know-how-many-to-go.

I know there is a lot of talk about prefixes being evil but I think they help despite their limitations.

2. On Tuesday 12 June 2012, 15:04 by Sylvain

This is great news. But I haven't seen any other article on the web about that, despite the numerous discussions on this topic during the last months. Will this decision be spread on wider audience websites ?

3. On Friday 15 June 2012, 09:52 by SeotopInUa

It would be perfect to implement all these to the IE :)