I hit a problem printing two well-known (in my personal environment) web pages this morning. I needed to print the W3C's FAQ and the home page of ERCIM, the european foot of the W3C. Because both have @media print stylesheets, you can see in the following screenshots a comparison between the screen rendering of the web pages and the corresponding print results:

W3C screenshot and print

Oops, I really needed the logo and a better presentation but the print stylesheet hides it (I checked the print option to have it printed)

ERCIM home page screenshot and print

Wow, that's a bit of a minimal print stylesheet :-(

So I needed a print of the web pages "as on the screen". But the print dialog of my browsers (I tested Firefox, Safari and Chromium on my Mac) has no such option:

system print dialog

Yeah, yeah, I know, I can still make a screenshot of the pages, open them in my browser and ask the browser to print the screenshot. But if *I* can do it, that's overkill for the average non-geeky user. The web page could also have alternate print stylesheets but we hit a similar problem: there's no way to select them and such a UI would be certainly too complex to many users... A "Print as on screen" option is clearly missing here and I wish Microsoft, Apple and Linux distros could add it to their respective system print dialog browser vendors could add such a new menu entry living next to the existing "Print" menu item.