This is one of those nights... You went to bed with the beginning of a potential idea. You were still totally unable to explain or even express what you had in mind, but you knew something was bubbling there, about to emerge. In the loads of information your brain received during the last days or week, something rang a bell, triggered brain work in the background. And suddenly, you wake up with a clear image in mind, something that now seems obvious to you. And you can't sleep any more, you must get out of the bed, open the laptop or reach paper and a pen, and write that down immediately. It's a concept, it's a project, it's code, it's a love letter to someone, it's a flame message, whatever. Do it, do it now. Never surrender and stay in bed or you'll let flee the sudden adrenaline flash caused by your discovery. "Stay hungry, stay foolish". And stay young, follow your dreams.

In my own case now, I heard something on television in San Diego on monday morning when I woke up. It then took four long days to percolate. I now have a clear view in mind and I'm almost certainly going to spend the next hours on it even if it's the mill of the night :-)