I am happy and proud to let you know I just released BlueGriffon EPUB Edition, the very first Wysiwyg cross-platform editor for EPUB2 and EPUB3 ebooks offering full UI-based control on EPUB packages, including all of EPUB2 and EPUB3 metadata. A more complete list of features and screenshots are available. Implemented with a permanent requirement of conformance to the IDPF specifications, it took more than a year to emerge from the original BlueGriffon Web editor because it's not only some light zip-package management over (x)html editing. EPUB metadata are complex to author and edit, very complex, and it's not a surprise to me if BlueGriffon EPUB Edition is alone right now in that segment of the market.

On the Mozilla side, this is quite good news I must say. Most current EPUB readers and authoring tools are based on WebKit or the rendering engine inside Apple Pages. BlueGriffon EPUB Edition shows that Gecko is a 100% viable solution as a rendering engine for EPUB. It also shows that XUL is still a superb technology allowing very complex consumer- or business-oriented applications.

To celebrate the launch of BlueGriffon EPUB Edition, a discount coupon is available until the 25th 00:00am Pacific time, giving you a 25€ discount per license purchased.