MathML and Thunderbird

Frédéric Wang wrote an interesting article about sending MathML inside HTML-based emails. And since I found his solution of inserting manually the MathML elements in the markup quite painful, I did what I usually do in such cases: I wrote an add-on...

MathML editing in Thunderbird

So this add-on adds a new button to the formatting toolbar of message composition windows (the π button at the right-hand side of the main window), a new menu entry under Insert and both open a dialog allowing to insert/edit MathML through AsciiMathML. Hope you'll find it useful, it's available from here and it's not a 1.0 yet.

Update: now submitted to AMO, feel free to review it !

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1. On Friday 16 November 2012, 12:12 by Frédéric Wang

Thank you, it works great! There are certainly some improvements to do like giving the choice between inline or display modes for formulas, or removing these weird attributes like fontfamily="" on the <math>, but I guess it is more ASCIIMathML issues. Anyway, that's definitely better than having to paste the HTML source ;-)

Do you mind if I submit it to AMO? I believe it would be a very good candidate for the Mathzilla collection:


Also, I'm still using Thunderbird ESR, but changing the minimum version to 10.0 does not seem to give any incompatibility problems.

Thanks again.

2. On Friday 16 November 2012, 13:31 by Daniel Glazman

@Frédéric: let me submit it myself

3. On Friday 16 November 2012, 15:12 by Matěj Cepl

Something’s wrong. When I go from this incomplete version of the quadratic formula http://mcepl.fedorapeople.org/tmp/b... to the complete one http://mcepl.fedorapeople.org/tmp/a... rendering collapses.

Using the addon from AMO on Thunderbird 17 (beta).

4. On Friday 16 November 2012, 15:39 by Daniel Glazman

@Matěj: read better the documentation and put leading/trailing `:


will work fine

5. On Friday 16 November 2012, 16:27 by Matěj Cepl

Right ... that helped. The documentation seemed to be a bit confusing to me, so I have missed this.

6. On Saturday 17 November 2012, 18:30 by Caspy7

Awesome! Great job Daniel!

Just curious, in college I remember using a math application that allowed WYSIWYG creation/editing of math. Has anyone created code that we could use for this purpose?

7. On Saturday 17 November 2012, 19:45 by Frédéric Wang

So I read on twitter that MathBird was rejected because of ASCIIMathML.js :-(

However, I just discovered this other add-on which has passed "partial review":


This add-on works for me and I see that it contains a WikiMathConverter.js adapted from LaTeXMathML.js (itself adapted from ASCIIMathML.js, with LaTeX syntax only). So perhaps it would be possible to use this file to make (a version of) MathBird accepted?