Following the W3C Workshop on electronic books in NYC two weeks ago, Dave Cramer (Hachette), Hadrien Gardeur (Feedbooks) and myself (Disruptive Innovations) have started a new Google Group called EPUB NG. Don't misunderstand us, it's called EPUB New Generation only because we needed a name and we start from what's available on the market right now, EPUB3. We're not forking, we're not doing a secret thing, we only needed a space where we could start discussions about the largest issues I found in current specs and what Dave recently called EPUB Zero.

So if you're interested in throwing ideas about a new, simpler, lighter format for electronic books more in line with W3C standards and Web habits, start reading us and ping one of us to request an invite. Please detail your affiliation and background in the electronic books' space? Thanks!


1. On Tuesday 26 February 2013, 20:46 by Michael Kowalski

I'm working on production tools for hybrid apps and ebooks. The epub zero idea really struck a chord with me - looks like the direction the spec should be moving. Would love to contribute to the discussion.

2. On Wednesday 27 February 2013, 10:09 by yvest

Interesting, but isn't the "ebook" concept a bit regressive compared to a web site ? Or to say it differently, isn't the "environment" aspect as key today as the format aspect ?
For instance why not being able to just "buy" a web site (access to) "for life" ? But this brings the issue of who holds the "personal libraries"(or list of licenses/favorites in that case) of an individual.
And isn't a clear role separation needed here between personal libraries holders and book creators/publishers/sellers ?
A draft about this :

Today with the direction taken around a few "vertical monsters" (amz, appl, gg), it is a bit as if you couldn't transfer stocks from one bank account to another. Plus the non confidentiality of ones personal library by default.