I just heard journalists on TV say the arrest of Tsarnaev was a big success for the FBI. Sorry, no. This is a big failure for the FBI. I also heard President Obama say the question is why he did that. Sorry, no, this is not what is important for the future. Why two american citizens (correction: one American citizen and one permanent resident) became terrorists without the FBI detecting and arresting them before they act is the important question. A similar problem occurred here in France with terrorist Mohamed Merah. French press reports their mother was questioned at least once in the past about one of the brothers visiting djihadist web sites... If this is true, they were already flagged and FBI failed stopping them; some heads are going to fall at the FBI and a deep reorg will follow.

It has to be noted too that a city lockdown for hunting one single wounded 19 years old man is a quite drastic situation almost nobody complained about. I understand the circumstances. But 9,000 policemen and soldiers who found their suspect only because a citizen found him in his boat also seems a rather pathetic result for the police/FBI/SWAT/army.

I also heard Carmen Ortiz is now in charge of the Tsarnaev case. Wait. Oritz? The Carmen Ortiz mentioned for pursuing the case against Aaron Swartz, right? Urgh.

Update: Republican US Senator Lindsay Graham calls for extreme measures in this case. I find this lame, anti-democratic, catastrophic, a true shame.

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