The 13th of October, Disruptive Innovations will be ten years old. A few days after the last Netscape layoff in July 2003, I decided to benefit from the open source nature of Mozilla, launch my own company and start working on a new standalone editor, an application that eventually became Nvu and lead to BlueGriffon. At the end of 2008, the financial crisis hit us hard and in less than two weeks, most of our customers and prospects just vanished, after five years full of work and projects. I ended up working alone, something I became increasingly fed up with. A while ago, I posted on LinkedIn a message expressing that will/need to join a larger team and move on a bit.

I must say that message on LinkedIn has been incredibly successful, something I did not expect (at least not up to that level...). I got several super-interesting offers and I am then immensely glad and excited to report I have accepted a full-time position as Web Technologies Lead in the recently formed Open Source Group of Samsung. My involvement in W3C standardization activities will not change and may even increase in the near future, but will be performed under Samsung's wings.

As of Disruptive Innovations, the company and the products are still around, no worries, and the BlueGriffon product line will continue to improve and be updated.

A new part of my tech and professional life starts today, wish me luck!