Beauty of the Web

One of the questions I'm often asked is « Did Tim Berners-Lee expect porn and terrorists on the Web when he designed it? ». Honestly, I don't know and I don't care since all technologies always have good and bad sides. And in our case, the good sides are so huge they make me proud to be a small part of that technology...

Yesterday, some friends of Molly Holzschlag started for her a fund on GoFundMe. Molly needs money to pay her chemo-therapy and given the state of social health in the US when you're not a white-collar in a large company, that's not an easy task.

The fund was started roughly at 0am my time. When I discovered it, some 14 hours later, it had $2,300 out of a $25,000 target. I donated to the fund, and tweeted immediately about it. Some other people tweeted about it too at the same time. Right after that, the donations started pouring in at fast pace. $3,000, $10,000, and wow $25,000 21 hours after the launch of the fund!

We're now a day later and the people who started the fund increased the goal to $50,000 because of the overwhelming response. The fund has already collected almost $45,000, 80% over the initial goal!

I'm happy for Molly, I'm insanely proud and happy the Web allowed that, this is the best incentive I could ever find for my daily job. YAY!