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Thursday, May 23, 2002
So we finally removed the "do not allow web pages to open unrequested windows" checkbox from the 7.0PR1...
7.0PR1 was out at 03:45pm, Paris time. I saw the first report of a workaround available in XPI form about ten minutes later, and someone posted that URL in the french newsgroups about web browsers a few hours later.
If using resources to do that remarkable idea was not counter-productive, I need to change my definition of "counter-productive".
Wednesday, May 22, 2002
Where can be the intrinsic values of a software company trying to build a market based on open-source code ? I thought that the answer was pretty obvious, it can only be in internal usage of the code or in value added to distributions based on the public code. Well, it seems that we focus only on the former while we totally underestimate, or neglect, the latter.
We should prolly reorg ourselves in a way offering more "space" to applications. When I say applications, I mean downloadable add-ons, in XPI form, showing that we do have an intrinsic value greater than only the integration of our proprietary tools into the open-source code. We should prolly "invest" into 3/4 engineers during 3/4 months, working on 3/4 highly visible XPIs. I have a few in mind:
  • a slide maker, add-on to Composer
  • a automatic and personal content syndicator, able to get document fragments anywhere on the web (anywhere = 100% user defined) and aggregate them with CSS positioning into a single document ; MyPersonalNewsReporter
  • a digital photographs manager
Where could we be tomorrow with courage, determination, and just a little dash of risk...
What's the key there and how is that different from what we do know ? We don't offer or sell add-ons that run on the open-source distribution. All that we add is available only in the commercial distributions. We should make the proprietary parts of our software installable over the public version of the browser.
Tuesday, May 21, 2002
"Késkifésbi" is my older son's new credo. He can repeat that ten times a day. My wife and I did not understand it the first few times and Michel was quite upset to see his parents lost...
But we finally got it : "Qu'est-ce qui fait ce bruit ?", ie "What makes that noise ?"
Anyway, that's not too hard to understand in comparison with some of blurbs coming from the cube behind me and that I have to listen to... Developer's hell is a cube in a middle of a floor dedicated to Tech Evangelism and/or Marketing :-)
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