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Friday, August 02, 2002
I wrote my first line of code almost 25 years ago and I started working almost 11 years ago. You know what ? I feel tired. I'd really love to take a break and do something else, something totally different like archeology or writing a book. I'd love to leave the Paris' district and move to another place, for instance in the South (where good food, good wines, mountains, sea and cheaper prices make alltogether a remarkable quality of life). But where in the South ? The French Riviera is super-mega-crowded and I don't really like the people there. It's also, with the high speed train, far too close from Paris (only 2h30). The Atlantic Coast is definitely a better choice but what could be my occupation there ? That part of the country is alive only in july/august and sleeping the rest of the year. Bah. Vidur was here last monday ; took a few drinks with him and the rest of the french team at the bar next door. Got an AIM chat from Marc Attinasi. He's back at Intuit since a few months. We clearly miss him at Netscape.
Thursday, August 01, 2002
"On pardonne au Fardier de Cugnot de ne pas avoir de boîte de vitesse Tiptronic alors arrêtons une seconde d'emmerder Netscape 4".
Tuesday, July 30, 2002
That's awesome ! We have been believing for months that mangelo is the worst writer about Mozilla. DONG ! We found worse... A teen-ager writing so big bullshits that it becomes funny. http://www.andkon.com/stuf/ Warning : this is really very very stupid.
Monday, July 29, 2002
In the Bush's Blunders series, the last one made us laugh a lot... Quote from the International Herald Tribune :
WORD FOR IT: Making the London rounds is the anecdote of a bemused Tony Blair hearing George W. Bush's simple explanation for France's economic decline. In this account of an aside at a recent summit, Bush told Blair that "the French trouble is that they don't have a word for entrepreneur."
Of course, "entrepreneur" is a french word. The Bush trouble is that he has just no education.
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