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Friday, August 09, 2002
Just a few keywords for today, grabbed here and there :
de Broglie
demonstrated the duality particle-wave ; some people around me should read that better.
a bird born again from its own ashes ; the problem is that a lot of us are working on those future ashes.
I have been a proud member since 1996.
Oooh, it's you !
ROFL again
I have bought a few years ago a small cd storage rotating shelf. 4 sides. Yesterday, the top of it broke. Without that top, it looks like a real nazi svastika. No wonder why IKEA, its founder is famous for his tolerance to extreme-right in the past, removed it from its catalog after one year only.
George W. Bush
he recently authorized experimental genetically modified elements in food for human consumption ; this guy is nuts, just nuts.
Wednesday, August 07, 2002
"Researchers have the Right to fail." (Pierre Joliot) They also have the Duty to shut up, and that's the subject of the current post. Chirac won the presidential elections the 5th of may. The 16th of july, during a public speech for the launch of the new plane Airbus A-380, he said that the public fundings for Research should increase to 3% of BIP. Today, 7th of august, the government announces that R&D state credits will decrease, perhaps by 5%. Originally, it was 7%... No wonder why most of the young french researchers leave the country and go abroad.
Tuesday, August 06, 2002
Pffffffff.... Pffffff and rofl.
Monday, August 05, 2002
In one of his recent posts, mpt missed one important point. Tech evangelism really tries to convince web site authors that they can do better with Mozilla standard techniques. But when these people answer that they don't care about the cause, but only about the effect, there is not a lot we can do.
This becomes a bit frigthening. When I joined Netscape in France in november 2000, we were 70. People from Netscape and Sun were gathered in the so-called "Alliance" iPlanet and we had problems finding a quiet place in the company for our work. Now, the floor of the AOL-TW France building where Netscape lives is almost empty. Internal Computing (IC) is in the right wing of the building (but does not fill it all), and we are almost alone inthe left wing of the building. Last friday, we learned that AOL SBS Europe is shutting down. After iPlanet and Netscape France, Netscape does not exist any more in France. Its new official name is AOL Holding Services France. Only remain IC (serving all AOL-TW France), HR, Finances and us, the four ETs from CPD.
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