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Friday, August 23, 2002
Got two job offers yesterday night ! In August !!! Isn't the world supposed to be sleeping in August ? A friend in an american company for a position in the engineering team, and a friend in a french company for a position in management.
Wednesday, August 21, 2002
So I met a few years ago the new french laureate of the Fields Medal. For those of you who have never dreamed of winning the Fields Medal, let me tell you that it's much harder to get one than a Nobel Prize. Happens only every four years, must be less than 40 years old to win the prize. I met Lafforgue during the competitive examinations for Ecole Polytechnique (X) and Ecole Normale Supérieure (ULM). He was flying 10 kilometers above the rest of us. He just masterized all the exams, finished the 6 hours math exam of ULM in 4 hours, logically ranked number 1 in both X and ULM and logically chose ULM. Excerpt from Le Monde newspaper today :
Le nouveau lauréat français a obtenu la médaille Fields pour sa publication intitulée "Chtoucas de Drinfeld et correspondance de Langlands", et dont le résumé précise qu'elle "démontre la correspondance de Langlands pour GLr sur les corps de fonctions". A lui seul, ce libellé reflète bien le caractère hermétique des travaux de pointe en mathématiques. La complexité des notions autant que leur degré d'abstraction les mettent hors de portée du commun. Néanmoins, Laurent Lafforgue ne désespère pas de faire percevoir la beauté des voies explorées par ses pairs au cours des derniers siècles.
Opera pas trop Comique... So Opera is said to have developed a new rendering engine supporting correctly the DOM for its future Opera 7. The new rendering engine was done in 18 months by a team of 2 persons 18 months ago and now about 60. Hmmm... I really want to see that. I want to see how its handles DOM 2 Styles and how fast it is to reflow/repaint depending on a DOM event.
Tuesday, August 20, 2002
Started my No Comment blog.
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