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Thursday, August 29, 2002

CNet.com is sooooo ridiculous.

7.0 PR1 7.0
We got our hands on Netscape 7 Preview Release 1 and were pleasantly surprised. This browser keeps the best of the recent Mozilla builds, including the browser itself and the e-mail client, while adding some useful tools, such as an integrated, full-featured version of AOL Instant Messenger. If the final release (due out later this summer), stays this solid and scores high on our official performance tests, it might finally outsurf Internet Explorer. We had high hopes foar Netscape 7, but we're sorely disappointed, especially by the missing pop-up suppressor. There's no practical reason to switch from either IE or Mozilla.
Tuesday, August 27, 2002
Hosting here in Paris, in the AOL-TW France building, a three days meeting of the CSS Working Group from tuesday to thursday. Subtitle is "how to invite a dozen of gurus with a budget making you feel totally ridiculous".
wow, kerz has updated his blog :-)
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