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Saturday, November 02, 2002
Fly like an eagle

If you live in Europe and you are lucky enough to have access to Arte TV channel, you could have seen saturday evening their Thema special about the Flying Dutchman. And you could already know what made my wife laugh so much : yes, the name of the Flying Dutchman is supposed to be...<awfulsuspense/>

Peter Haddock

So he FLIES !!!! Yet another proof that Peter is in fact Super-Peter !

Thursday, October 31, 2002
Très concrètement

Vous n'avez jamais remarqué que le monde est divisé en deux ? Si, si, je vous assure. D'un côté ceux (et celles) qui peuvent discuter normalement et ceux (et celles) qui peuvent être interviewés normalement, et de l'autre ceux (et plus rarement celles) qui ne peuvent s'empêcher de dire à tout bout de champ "très concrètement" ou "très simplement", en général accompagné d'un petit geste interruptif de la main. Ce type d'attitude, qui m'a profondément horripilé ce matin alors que je regardais sur france2 l'interview d'un escroc^H^H^H^H^H^Hpoliticard, est en fait très significative de la manière dont une personne considère son entourage et ses auditeurs. Quand on me dit "très concrètement", j'ai vraiment l'impression d'entendre "puisque vous êtes de toute manière trop con pour que je vous donne une explication sérieuse, voila du pré-mâché pour hydromicrocéphale". Mais je me trompe sûrement. Très concrètement.

CSS 3 Tartalacreme

I wish good luck to the tutorial authors, professionnal writers churning out books, who will have to explain clearly and simply this..uhhh... well...this...this. The complexity of this module is absolutely amazing.


We loose three more Nscp France people today. Laid off. I think that before the end of the year

  • only the 3 CPD guys and Internal computing will remain,
  • we will be administratively rattached to AOL France (but still in CPD task force).

As said my yiddish gran"father, herring is cheaper when there's no herring available ; travel budget won"t be a problem any more if the salarial mass is reduced to zero...

Wednesday, October 30, 2002
A dirty job but someone has to do it

I just could not resist more than 15 seconds to a so stupid guy...

<Tristan> (Tristan is our european evangelist) I am just pushing the W3C standards
<a moron Tristan tries to evangelize> We are members of the W3C
<Tristan> Oh, you are ? Just a second, I turn on the loudspeaker because I have two
other W3C members here with me in the office
<the moron> Urgh, no, no loudspeaker !! (followed by 5 seconds of silence)

Of course, they're not members... Tristan resisted to this asshole fifteen minutes ! Very impressive.


The world is going nuts.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002
Free the chapters (III)

The third chapter of my book about CSS 2 is now online [fr]. You'll find there exactly the contents of the printed version. This chapter is about CSS 2 Selectors.

Another view from my flat

Today, 07:30am. Every morning, the world's on fire in front of me. I just can't remove my eyes from that view, and drink my coffee in front of the window, patiently waiting for a wiser sky.

Swedish Humour

Tio svenkar, på semester i södra Frankrike, har ätit och drukit för 58000 (ja, 5-8-0-0-0) euros på en mycket känd och dyr restaurang. Men dom hade inga pengar för att betala !!! Rättgång idag i Cannes.

Monday, October 28, 2002
Comedia Tragica

I have thrown my subscription to Moscow's theaters to the trash, I have just heard that air conditioning is not reliable there

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