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Friday, November 08, 2002
O tempora O mores

Is it time to update my CV/Resume ?

Thursday, November 07, 2002
Pinback (II) !


Mozilla Composer, or some evolution of it, is what thousands of college professors need to produce the course information they post for their students. It"s what the UN needs to produce its media releases instead of generating multiple kilobytes of steaming Microsoft-proprietary pseudo-XML bumf for a two-paragraph document. And if its developers get their act together and make it easier to user templates and link to existing stylesheets, perhaps using the CaScadeS project, it might even be the right tool for the thousands upon thousands of people who create content for their organisations" intranets.

  1. His site is very nice, full of interesting articles
  2. His site contains a superb review of Mozilla/Netscape Composer
  3. It even contains a very good review of CaScadeS
  4. And look what he did with Composer and CaScadeS !!! Veeeerrrrryyyy nice demo !

Wow, thank you so much Joe.


The Bush administration (I refuse to assimilate these people to the whole U.S.) accused France (with Iraq, North Korea and Russia !!!) of keeping a stock of smallpox virus, and the French Foreign Ministry strongly denied.

  1. that's only because France and the Bush Administration do not agree on UN resolutions ; next time we have a bigger crisis between those two, the Bush Administration will put France on a worse blacklist. Hey, aren't we eating stinking cheese anyway ?
  2. what's better ? Stocks of smallpox for (I quote the International Herald Tribune) "search for a new-generation vaccine" or bubonic plague in the streets of New-York city ?
Wednesday, November 06, 2002
A super-simple way of making Netscape 4.x-specific stylesheets

Just make sure that the style settings in ns4.css are overriden than the settings in gecko.css.

  <title>ns4-specific css</title>
  <link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="ns4.css">
  <style type="text/css">
    @import url("gecko.css");
  <p>Isn't it ?</p>

Right Tantek, the situation is worse than I thought. That does not hide the fact that Microsoft is pushing on the U.S. government and asks it to push on the European Commission. That's just a scandal. This is <digression>wwwoooooow, seeing an Aston Martin by the window</digression> just the kind of attitude that makes other countries complain about the U.S. because it's not discreet enough. Oh, and that does not hide the fact that US judges often turn their coats when they feel the wind is changing of direction ; they want to be re-elected.

Here is a list of thoughts, some related to this case, some not :

  1. the way political parties are financed is one of the biggest sources of corruption in the western world
  2. money donations to political parties should be highly taxed
  3. money donations to political parties should be limited to a given amount
  4. increase of a money donation to a political party from one year to the next one should be limited to a given percentage ; decrease should be unlimited
  5. judges should never be elected ; they should be appointed by a college of other judges, that college of judges itself randomly chosen among all the judges every let's say 5 years (why 5 ? because in the US it must be >4, length of the presidential mandate, and >2 because there are elections every two years ; must also be an odd number to put some spice in political life since 4 and 2 are even); it should be strictly forbidden to any government official to interfer with a decision from a judge or the college of judges ; it should even be strictly forbidden, and punished, to any government official to criticize or condemn a decision from a judge or the college of judges
  6. all references to religion should be banned from the State and in particular from Justice. Separation between religion and state should be considered as a fundamental component of democracy ; in particular, a country where a given religion is Religion of State should be blacklisted as non-democratic. A country where religious arguments are accepted or even required by Justice should be blacklisted as non-democratic. Yes, I do understand that puts some members of the European Union on such a list
  7. political and diplomatic immunity should not exist at all
  8. life sentence should be automatic for barmen/barmaids making bad quality expresso and french bakers making bad croissants or flabby (sp?) bread
  9. always let the music and film industry define formats if they want to ; they usually do it so badly the format is immediately copyable/hackable. Only copyable/hackable innovations succeed
Fan of Aki Kaurismäki
Question So you live in Portugal. Why did you choose to leave Finland ?
Kaurismäki But I leave in Greece ! I am currently experimenting the effects of ouzo on plain water.

Bwahahahahaha :-)

Tuesday, November 05, 2002
Independance of Justice

I am shocked. Shocked and upset. The US Justice almost abandoned the complaints against Microsoft, but I am not speaking of that. A judge has ruled, period. But what the hell is the US Government doing with the principle of independant justice ? It tramples it underfoot. Excerpt from the International Herald Tribune this morning :

" Officials of the Justice Department's antitrust division are said to have urged their European counterparts this year to use the U.S. settlement in the Microsoft case as a pattern. "

Well, no wonder the US government is trying to make it happen when you read this. They started giving money exactly when they started facing Justice.

What a nice democratic model for the rest of the world.

Monday, November 04, 2002

Luzes, Çepni, Hamsins, Pontic Greeks and others. Wow. I never heard about those ethnic groups or their languages and thought that Turkey only had four distinct live languages on its territory : Turkish (ouralo-altaïc) and dialects, Kurd (indo-european), Armenian (indo-european) and Ladino (indo-european influenced by semitic). I also thought that Greek was almost extinct in Turkey. Looking at a map, I wonder if some communities speaking Georgian, Azeri, Syriac or even Arabic exist in Turkey. I also wonder if some communities on the south-west coast still speak languages with Lydian or Lycian influence.

Jean-Marie Messier Moi-Meme Maître du Monde

According to the french newspaper Le Monde, Vivendi Universal's CFO, Guillaume Hannezo, warned him about a year ago because J.-M. Messier was "caring more about partnerships than rentability". According to this paper, Messier wanted to establish partnerships or even acquire Club Meditérrannée, Yahoo!, AT&T and NBC !!!

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