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Friday, November 15, 2002
Font sizes

I am fighting with font sizes. And believe me, when you have do that between HTML and CSS, that's no fun...

HTML attribute size on FONT CSS value for font-size property
1 x-small
2 small
3 medium
4 large
5 x-large
6 xx-large
-1 smaller
+1 larger

Furthermore, our implementation of 'larger' and 'smaller' values for the 'font-size' CSS property bound the resulting font size to the range xx-small/xx-large... If the inherited font size is <= to xx-small, the resulting font size should be 90% of the inherited one, and if the inherited is >= xx-large, then the resulting should be 150% of the inherited. Fixing it now.

Thursday, November 14, 2002
Test your browser

If you see red color on this page, your browser is not conformant to CSS 2 box model. Test made by Guillaume Cocatre-Zilgien.

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

Three things are extremely painful to me:

  1. discussions with fanatics, because it is impossible to make them accept a different point of view ; different points of view and people having them just should not exist,
  2. discussions with people who can't be classified as fanatics but who are persuaded they get the truth just because their lack of general knowledge in a given area or their narrow mind can't accept the difference between an ideal world and the real one ; they are much more dangerous than the fanatics because their intelligence usually puts them in position of strength and visibility. That's exactly how dangerous politicians use the art of dialectic to win over a challenger even if they don't get the right answer.
  3. discussions with people who can't accept when a decisive argument is covered by a very strong confidentiality agreement and interpret that as a failure to give a decisive argument or, worse, as a lie.

No need to comment, I am fed up - really fed up - with dialectic lovers.

Blogger style

Just added an alternate stylesheet for you viewing pleasure if you preferred the old look of this log. Of course, you need a browser allowing you to select this alternate stylesheet...

Tuesday, November 12, 2002
Joyeux Anniversaire!

Maria is a year older since yesterday. Smack smack smack.


Yes, I know. It is an Evil Empire's t-shirt. But isn't it cool ? Isn't it one of the best t-shirt ever in the world of www ?

MSFT t-shirt, Santa Clara Web Conf
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Top Tip - Mozilla CSS Editor - A free extension for Mozilla and Netscape, this little tool suddenly becomes the standard by which all other editors will be judged.


The name of Paris comes from the name of the gaulic tribe of the Parisii and the name of that tribe is supposed to come from the gaulic parioh, itself deriving from the indo-european reconstructed *kweryos meaning cauldron. But I really doubt this is the right explanation for the origin of the name of Paris.

Instead, I seriously wonder if it does not come from the vascon ibar. I am going to contact Elisabeth Hamel and Theo Vennemann in Munich about it.

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