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Friday, December 06, 2002
Another brick in the wall

From ZDnet |UK| :

By the end of the year, Sony will include version 6.0 of StarOffice on most consumer desktop PCs sold in Europe, marking another dent in Microsoft's dominance of office suites

By the end of the year, Sony will include version 6.0 of StarOffice on most consumer desktop PCs sold in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, according to Sun. Microsoft's Works package is currently used on most of those PCs.

Thursday, December 05, 2002
W3C moves to clean markup + CSS

They cleaned http://www.w3.org/. Can I claim a bit of anteriority on that ?

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Hum. Le gouvernement vient, sans renfort de pub, de doubler les moyens alloués à Vigiquigratte... euh... pardon... Vigipirate. C'est autant de plaisir de gardes permanentes sans grande indemnité pour la Maison Poulaga et les Pandores, mais cela m'inquiète un chouïa quand même. On ne mobilise pas les services de sécurité en entier juste pour le plaisir, ou pour faire bien. En particulier quand on joue le jeu du moins de publicité possible sur le sujet.

Good sense

Finally, there is some good sense about Patents somewhere in Nothern America...


It's getting cold here (and I am sicker than yesterday) and this blog now wears its winter clothes

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

I'm sick. My throat hurts, my neck hurts, I have a permanent headache.

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Digital Middle Age

No wonder why France is far behind Northern America or even some parts of Asia for the deployment of broadband and digital services:

Product Average price in US Average price in France
Netgear MR314 wireless switch ~ $90 ~ $215
Netgear MR401 wireless pcmcia card ~$ 65 ~ $95
Netgear MR814 wireless switch ~$ 100 not available !

Related information: my second blog entry, months ago.

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

I have made a patch adding partial @page support (and have a prototype solution for full support) to Mozilla that my colleague Rod Spears used to honour CSS document's settings in the print setup. It means that if you visit a document specifying a page context, that page context can be honored when the document is printed. You will even be able to specify if you really want to honor these settings or prefer the default printing settings. Rod added a checkbox to the print dialog for that purpose. Stay tuned, the whole thing is about to land in the trunk.

Monday, December 02, 2002

One more contributor to CaScadeS. Michelle proposed to help today. Welcome Michelle !


What kind of country is that ? What the hell is happening to the US ? Read the following, that's an excerpt from the Washington Post:

The Bush administration is developing a parallel legal system in which terrorism suspects - American citizens and noncitizens alike - may be investigated, jailed, interrogated, tried and punished without legal protections guaranteed by the ordinary system, lawyers inside and outside the government say.


Probably the most hotly disputed element of the administration's approach is its contention that the president alone can designate individuals, including U.S. citizens, as enemy combatants, who can be detained with no access to lawyers or family members unless and until the president determines, in effect, that hostilities between the United States and that individual have ended.

If you are upset at the renewal of the "In God We Trust" motto, this is a joke made for you:

The reverend was in his church when the policeman came knocking on the door.

  • Reverend, your church is too close to the river and we are waiting for a major flood tomorrow. You must leave with us now. Please.
  • Don't worry my son. This church and my person are under the protection of God.

The flood comes and there is already one meter of water in the little Church. Then comes the rescue team.

  • Reverend, Reverend ! It'll be much worse in the two coming hours ! You must come with us.
  • Don't worry my son, I am sure that God protects me and I'll be fine.
The water level increases so much that the Reverend has to stay on the roof of his church. An helicopter comes.
  • Reverend ! We are here to help you, we are going to throw you a rope and you'll be safe.
  • No need my son. The water level is going to decrease, God is protecting me.

Finally, the water levels increases again and the reverend dies. He goes directly to Heaven and sees God in front of him.

  • My God, holy cow, where were you ? I was waiting for you and you let me die !
  • Reverend, you are a stupid asshole, who do you think sent the policeman, the rescue team and the helicopter ?
Total French stupidity ?

Boarf INRIA drops W3C. Officially, that's for an expansion, of course. Officiously, I wonder if INRIA is not recentering on its core activities, dropping what they have always called "The W3C Project". W3C has always been an alien among normal INRIA activities, and W3C staff have always been aliens among normal INRIA people.

And of course, I guess that there is a budget problem too.

Can you believe the communiqué does not mention that INRIA will remain a W3C bureau in France ? OOOPS, by the way, does it remain a W3C bureau in France ?

CSS Position Delenda Est

When I think back at the power and simplicity of the P language, I can't help thinking that the CSS position model is badly designed. Hey, don't blame me, I have witnesses who can testify I proposed the P model to the W3C more than once. Here is a concrete proposal to kill the position property in CSS and position boxes on the page in much finer way. Sorry to say, but the positioning model of CSS is not enough for corporate needs. If you want complex forms on the web, you need fine positioning.

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