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Friday, January 31, 2003

To be precise, I said that "FOAF is just a pure delirium, the proof that the human brain does NOT need drugs to do crazy things"


Rebecca, it's even more complicated... It's voilà, with a grave accent on the a. Joyeux Anniversaire by the way :-)

Thursday, January 30, 2003
This word is totally crazy

Iraq will take in May 2003 the presidence of the...UN Conference on Disarmament!!!! No, that's not a hoax. That's just alphabetical order: India now then Indonesia, Iran, Irak, Irlande and finally IsraŽl.

You've Got Losses!
  • AOL-TW 2002 losses of  $98.7 billion
    • biggest loss ever for a U.S. company
    • roughly half the size of the U.S. federal budget deficit
    • more than 10 times the operating losses throughout the battered U.S. airline industry
    • roughly equal to the price that America Online paid for Time Warner Inc. in the merger
    • roughly the GDP of Ireland!!!
  • Ted Turner slams the door one hour after the announcement
  • "2003 will be a reset year at AOL Time Warner," company CEO Richard Parsons told analysts. Yeah, another reset year.... We're getting used to it.
  • I can imagine the TW execs speaking of AOL "Cut the dead branch! Cut it now!"

I'm so proud.

XHTML 2.0 and the HTML Writers Guild

When I wrote this mail to www-html@w3.org (by the way, I still haven't got any reasonable answer from the Working Group itself; only two WG members, T.Çelik and J.Axelsson dared posting an answer; in the case of Tantek, it's even an official and corporate one) I had in mind that Ann Navarro was representing the HTML Writers Guild in the HTML Working Group. Here's what I said:

To be honest, I am very surprised that the HTML Writers Guild, supposedly representing hundreds of thousands of web authors, supports XHTML 2 without advocating more for (another) solution.

I can still here her sempiternal "I represent 50,000 web authors". It seems that it was a bit overestimated...

Wednesday, January 29, 2003
Abonnez-vous, rabonnez-vous qu'ils disaient...

Pascale a mis en place une mailing-liste sur les CSS. Konseuleudize!!!!

Tuesday, January 28, 2003
Another victim of spam ?

Yes, they told me 413% !!!!


Yves Lafon, W3C staff, has a nice blog in french, mostly about HTTP and other exotic W3C species. Warning, he told me that Moz has a problem with the stylesheet, and apparently viewing old entries in his blog, because of a bug of ours in HTTP; Yves being Jigsaw's maaaaaster, I trust him. Oh, and I am not the only one a bit tired of spending my days, and often my nigths, on a keyboard. A garden, give me a garden...

Everything is under control
<heikki> hmm... doesn't Netscape have a "Jobs at Netscape" page anymore?
<sicking> about:blank :)
Monday, January 27, 2003
  • yet another point of view on XHTML (mpt),
  • jwz rants about XHTML, CSS and the Web standards in general,
  • Hey, kid, if you still have a Segway and were not interested by this other toy, glance at that one,
  • Peter Van der Beken says "Two things are very fashion these days: (a) shoot XHTML (b) shoot Mozilla",
  • Totalement Crétin, Ze return of Ze revenge of Ze log, takes too long to come back to our screens,
  • I am fed up with the strictness of XHTML 1.0 Strict, I am fed up with HTML 4 because it lacks so many features I need on a daily basis. I plan to switch this blog back to XHTML 1 Transitional and add to that language the stuff I need. I just don't care about validity any more as soon as the document without its DTD is still XML valid.
  • Rumsfeld is a sooo funny man. "You're thinking of Europe as Germany and France. I don't. I think that's old Europe" on day 1. And then on day 2 "At my age, old is a term of endearment". Hmmm. At his age, he should retire I guess.
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