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Friday, February 07, 2003

Going to Brussels for European Mozilla Developers Meeting 2003 now. If you want to read my slides, make sure to have a good browser with decent DOM implementation.

If you plan to attend and have a wifi card for your laptop, bring it with you because I'll have my wifi switch with me so we can have wireless access to Internet in the meeting room.

Btw, as usual, let's give back to Caesar what belongs to Caesar, these slides are based on a slide model by David Baron.


Who should care about someone's ethnic origin in a normal western democracy ? I find this article totally shocking.


Why the name Midas (yes, I am guilty for that name) ? Because it turns into gold everything it touches, Gold being the public name of the first HTML editor in Netscape.

PR (Pure Delirium) at Adobe

You'll find a link at the end of this paragraph. Before clicking on this link on Adobe's site, you must be ready to look at the "Get Acrobat Reader" button on the bottom right-hand side of the page. That small button is made of a table! With 14 portions of the whole image into individual table cells and 13 spacers! The markup takes pages!!! Try it, hate it.


This is so ridiculous. Our good friend Håkon Wium Lie, le ci-devant norwegian CTO of Opera and Master-Keeper of the CSS Temple, falls into a conspiracy mode. It really sounds like "Mother, my older brother bothers me all the time"...

  1. Employees of Microsoft are not mutants with super-powers but only humans. They can do errors. They can even do big errors. Hey, some of them may even be incompetent.
  2. WHy do you care about MSN.com anyway ? Opera is just against Microsoft, period. Opera users should not need MSN.com. Make the site unreachable from Opera! Make it now!
  3. Håkon should apply at Microsoft to teach all low-level employees that when a product manager says "Opera", it's not the badly pronounced first name of a TV star. He should also teach all the product managers to stop chewing a gum and using a Kentucky's accent when speaking over the phone.
  4. Does Opera really need such a PR noise ? Isn't it more harmful for Opera than for Microsoft ? Most of the people around me (and most of them are not netscapers or mozillians) think this rant by Opera is ridiculous.
  5. You should have titled this "MSN.com considered harmful for Opera".
Thursday, February 06, 2003

Thanks for the laugh, Mike.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003
Madame Jospin

Mercredi soir sur France 3, Sylviane Agacinski parle de son dernier livre. Son Lionel Jospin de mari était peut-être un "austère qui se marre", mais elle, c'est vraiment une austère qui m'emmerde. Nom de Zeus que cette femme est pénible.

Tuesday, February 04, 2003

Michel, my first son, is 4 years old today. Joyeux Anniversaire à mon Michel préféré !!!

Monday, February 03, 2003
Thanks to The Register for such a good laugh!!!


He wants me... and I'm not sure to like it



Currently preparing my slides and talk for FOSDEM 2003.

Rant mode on

"If you only have 24 hours per day, that's your problem"

Sunday, February 02, 2003
New draft of XHTML 2.0

Geeeez, they made it again. I can't find any section listing the changes from previous draft. I can't find any direct answer to my comments. This draft is even crazier than the first one. It goes back and forth. I still have the same opinion: drop it.

Daddy, is Space above the stars in the sky ?

Michel saw the images of Columbia. Spoke of rockets, space and astronauts all day. And, at 6pm, went to my bedroom to take one very special DVD. Asked me to play it. Sat on the sofa hardly waiting. The title ? The Thunderbirds.


I had last week a crazy discussion with a mozillian. Correction, with a colleague. The kind of discussion that makes me think that a company has usually four different types of employee:

  1. the "I play the game" employee. He/she is happy or does not care about the environment. He/she is fair with the employer and with everyone else.
  2. The "I still play the game" employee. He/she used to be in the first category above until the employer stopped being fair with him/her. He/she is ok to do everything for his/her employer but hates the feeling that his/her employer does not "play the game" itself back.
  3. The "I don't play the game but I let you play the game". Don't count on them but don't be afraid of them. The employer has almost nothing great to wait from this people but if you forget about the financial side, they are harmless. They could move back to the two first categories above under certain circumstances.
  4. The "I don't play the game" people. They don't care about the employer because they were in the second category above before another bad story. They won't play the game with you because they almost consider that the game is rotten; the employer is rotten; the whole thing is so rotten that playing the game is pointless. They now play their own game.

I'm still in the second category above. I usually resign before moving to the fourth one, and often even before the third one. Please, if you already hit the third or fourth one, don't contaminate me. It's too early.

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