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Friday, February 21, 2003
Brits under The Sun

Two Britons, expatriate workers I presume, were sitting in front of me this morning in the subway, discussing yesterday's issue of the british paper The Sun and its monomaniac anti-Frog-article-of-the-day. Excerpts:

  • ...this is a shame for all the United Kingdom...
  • ...Rupert Murdoch is an dangerous imbecile; he controls that paper...
  • ...I can't believe ten million people read this shit every day...
  • ...wonder if the journalists even noticed the millions of people in London's streets against this stupid war...
  • ...in fact, all Europe should be proud of current french attitude, Tony Blair is Bush's little pet...
  • ...they should shut it up; the only contribution to the world of this paper is Page 3, and there is nothing to be proud of...
  • ...I don't want to move back to UK. Do you ? Life is good here, don't you think ?...

At the same time, two French, a young woman and an older man, old enough to have personal memories of WWII, were discussing the same article right behind my seat. The comments were more direct and two excerpts summarize them well:

  • ...this is fascism and whoever controls that newspaper is a fascist...
  • ...does not surprise me that a newspaper like that one tries to influence british working class with fascist themes like that one...
Thursday, February 20, 2003
Stylesheet addendum

Karl Dubost almost convinced me during discussions in CSS WG that we may need a way to show the target named anchor in a document. So I have changed a little bit the stylesheet of this blog. If you access directly to one blog entry with a URL having a fragment indentifier, it will be outlined in a very visible way if you use a browser implementing the :target pseudo-class. Hey Karl, happy ?-)

Click here to visualize the effect.

And don't forget French consider fries to be Belgian

Despite of what thinks Anthony, this decision only shows the opportunism - and global stupidity - of the marketing manager of that "restaurant" chain. Oh, by the way, only Americans can call a place where you eat only junk-burger-food and french fries in a box a "restaurant".

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Tonight, on my way back from work to home, at the top of the escalator coming from the subway station, I was physically and verbally attacked by a black man. He was, with another one (apparently his son), blocking the exit of the escalator. I said "pardon" and his son moved to let me pass saying sorry; but the older man moved on purpose to block me. I could not help but touch him with my computer backpack. Then he hit me, strongly, shouting and calling me a "f*cking white racist". The family of the man was around, about 4 women and another man. The son of the man was very friendly, apologizing for his father, and a woman was friendly too. But the others were incredible, accusing me of having a violent attitude, of having hit their relative, of being a racist. My reply was simple "You called me a f*scking white racist, this is a racial discrimination forbidden by French law, let's go the police station around the corner right now". That made the man even more upset, but his son was now really frightened and took his father away.

This is a promise, starting today, I'll sue for racial discrimination whoever insults me with racial arguments.

Finally ;-)

People, the browser war is over...

Crèpes Bretonnes and "This is Flash"

Tantek, welcome back to the real world with real people. Hey, remember, don't use FOAF :-)

Tuesday, February 18, 2003
Semantic Beer

Tristan, Karl, do you really know what is a semantic beer ??? It's only <beer/>. It's empty and you know it's a beer looking at the name of the element. That's not funny, and I will always prefer a good plain ol'beer with real malt, bubbles and less semantic.

Behind one Bush(ism) is hidden another one

A nice Jeb-Bush-ism... He said "I want to thank the president of the Republic of Spain for his friendship with the United States" speaking of J-M Aznar, the Prime Minister of the KINGDOM of Spain. Is the whole family so stupid or what?

XUL-based Web Services

Browse Amazon.com with a XUL front-end!!!

Monday, February 17, 2003
Bad day

Today is a bad personal day. Not as bad as Black Wednesday but still quite bad. I lost another first big bit of faith today at 7pm, and a second big one at 9:34pm. Like anyone else, I don't like doing things I firmly disagree with.

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