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Thursday, March 13, 2003
/bin/sleep 9d

The Glazblog will be silent between the 14th and the 23rd of March. Please don't make the Web collapse entirely while I'm offline ;-)

Wednesday, March 12, 2003
Let's remove all french bits from the US

Until he proves the contrary, and he is very bad at exposing evidences to the world these days, I would recommend all pro-war pro-french-bashing US citizens consider that the family name of the current US president comes from the french word "bouche" meaning "mouth". They should ask for his resignation right now:-)

Who acquired who?

Blatantly stolen from peterv: look at the Mac titanium g4 on the desk in this Dell web site...

AOL Communicator Preview Release

Check that Flash ad

So basically, AOL Communicator

  • is largely copied from Netscape 7
  • has less features than Netscape 7
  • is less powerful than Netscape 7
  • has less applications in its software suite than Netscape 7
  • has already a size comparable to the whole Mozilla distribution but has only mail, address book and aim
  • has not access to ICQ like Netscape 7
  • is not extensible/upgradable by downloadable packages because it does not use XUL like Netscape 7


  • has a marketing budget while Netscape 7 had none ?

Sorry for vulgarity, but "assholes" is the only word I can think of when I read that...

The cafeteria menus in the three House office buildings changed the name of "french fries" to "freedom fries"

In George Orwell's book "1984", the Ministry of War is called the Ministry of Freedom. Well anticipated George...

"Watching France's self -serving politics of passive aggression in this effort has discouraged me more than I can say."

Boarf. After all, there is only a vast majority of the world's population thinking like France today. Do these guys know that, this is a quote from Time Magazine, the australian "city of Wollongong is threatening top defect to France to protest itw own government's support for military action against Iraq". When you know that the same burried France under insults because of the nuclear testings...

The name change was criticized by one young man in a House cafeteria. "That's completely ludicrous to me," he said.

Ah, there is at least one normal person at the House.

"I don't think we have to retaliate against France," said House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, R-Texas. "They have isolated themselves. They have resigned from any responsibility for the war on terror."

Ridiculous. Iraq is not a question of terrorism until someone proves me the contrary. I have not seen any proof for the moment. And on the frontline against terrorism, french intelligence and police seem a bit more efficient that the FBI and the CIA all together. About isolation, right, there are about 200 millions people on earth in favor of the war, and about 5 billions against. Who's isolated again ?

Officials with the French Embassy in Washington could not be reached for comment Tuesday afternoon.

And that's fortunate. Diplomats should not have to explicitely say that their counterparts need a brain transplant.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003
Please resend

You recently sent me a quite long comment about the blog entry where I related hearing in Boston airport that US have 33 million people living under the level of poverty. Because of a system crash, I lost your email :-( Could you please re-send it? I only had the chance to read the first lines before the crash and would really appreciate reading the rest. I could not even find your email addreess after that crash! Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.

After all, laws are made to be changed

What if the law bans you from holding an electoral mandate because of a past conviction for inciting religious hatred and if your party wins the majority at the Parliament? Just change the Constitution.... Constitution and laws are soooo painful these days.

Update: got a mail about this entry from Lea Parmigiano. She raises very good points about the universality of that kind of stories in all countries, democratic or not. In France, Chirac reduced the presidential mandate to 5 years, making it match the mandate of the deputies. Since the president can revoke the Chamber as soon as he is nominated, the president can now be sure he won't face any opposition during all his mandate! I was STRONGLY objecting to that reform when he proposed it. Eh.

Boston March 2003

Just a few pictures...

Nice family meetings in perspective...

Thanks for your active support, Dad!!!

Monday, March 10, 2003

Just saw Chirac in live on french TV saying he will use the veto at the security concil if there is majority in favor of war. Incidently, Russia just announced it will also object to war, and will use its veto power if necessary.

I should have been president of the US but I am not born American

30 minutes after Chirac's speech, Kissinger is now live on french TV. So ironical to see that man saying that France is not playing the game when he admitted during a recent interview that, under his own Secretary mandate, the US used all possible means to prevent France from accessing to nuclear power. I quote : "we pushed to the limits, and, hum, beyond the limits of what we could do about it; we really went too far and we decided to stop; we went too far."

Just after Kissinger, one guy says that the US are a laic country. Unfortunately, George W. Bush does not seem to agree...

135 cases, 98 dead

Ebola is not fun. American readers, this is FYI: just a few breakouts of filovirus happened out of Africa. The first one was in Marburg, Germany. Related to a filovirus closely related to Ebola but a just a bit less lethal. One other occured in .... Reston, Virginia! It killed all the monkeys in a lab. All. It also infected a few humans. But the infected people never developed the disease, fortunately. Nobody really knows why that filovirus, reacting to Ebola tests, was different enough from the ones killing people in Africa so it did not actually kill humans. But still, Ebola did touch the US.


This is just insane.

<Hixie mode="fanatic"/>

Despite of what he writes, despite of the leading aspect of his voice given his excellent technical level and his master level of dialectics, Hixie is completely wrong. The HTML WG has recognized that, voting a large majority IN FAVOR of the style attribute, but Hixie still does not get the thing. We don't live in an ideal world. Period. It's not that we need a little bit the style attribute, it's that we can't do without it at all. And after all, I don't care what other people think. I'm at W3C to push the opinions I think are good and important for the present and future of my employer first, of the Web after. This is good for both.

Sunday, March 09, 2003
post-erotic trauma

Je l'ai recontrée sur le marché. Un grand rouquin la flattait en la pelottant au vu et au su de tout le monde. Elle m'a tout de suite tapé dans l'oeil. Je me suis approché, vachement gêné. Plus je me rapprochais, et plus je la regardais. Quand le grand rouquin s'est éloigné, j'ai séduit la belle et l'ai conquise. Après les parlottes d'usage, je l'ai ramenée chez moi, pour des préliminaires que l'on pourrait aussi qualifier d'usage...

Quelle douce peau dorée, des cuisses superbes, l'excitation monte. Plus je pétris cette chair et ce corps, et plus je sens le moment du paroxysme approcher. La pénétration est proche. Au comble de la joie, j'entre, à fond.

Allez, la canette est prête, une heure de broche et à table!


Washington Dulles International Airport is probably the only airport of a capital of a western country where you can't find ANY international newspaper. The airport is full of foreigners but there's not a single paper coming from outside of the US... How lame...

W3C namespace

Tantek, that's exactly what I meant. A p is a p is a p. Sorry if I was unable to express that better.

Art Spiegelman

Thanks to Tristan who read my recent blog entry about the US divided in two and recommended me to read Art Spiegelman's exclusive interview in this week's issue of Telerama.

La face cachée du Monde

J'ai progressé d'une autre centaine de pages pendant mon voyage aux USA. J'ai aussi lu les 3 pages que Le Monde a consacré à ce sujet, sans réellement répondre sur le fond.

Bon, y'a peut-être des fôtes d'authaugraf sur certains noms mais mon opinion est restée la même: pour ce que j'en vois et dans la mesure de mon appréciation, cela a toujours l'air d'une assez belle enquête et pas d'un ramassis de haîne. A la limite, je vous recommanderais bien de l'acheter avant que Le Monde ne lui mette une patée en justice.

Air France

Air France has CONSIDERABLY improved its quality on medium- and long-range flights, even in economy class. The seats are much better than they used to be, the food was correct but is now excellent, there is one LCD display per person with a large choice of movies/music/news/documentaries. Still no power socket for laptops but I guess they reserve that for business and 1st. Anyway, just wanted to say that flying Air France is worth the little difference of price. And if you book your tickets early enough (or at the last minute like I did), you may find tickets cheaper than on other airlines (DL UA or BA for instance)...

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