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Saturday, April 12, 2003

Since I posted "partial conclusion", I was looking for a final conclusion, something impacting strongly our societies. I finally found, after a discussion with my father: public opinion is only a concept. It's only worthwhile to journalists who pretend they have some impact on it, and politicians when (and only when) they want to show they respect it.

BTW, when the war started, my father and I were in Spain together; he asked me "when do you think this is going to end ?". I answered very precisely "the 12th of april". Well... Not too bad... Can I recommend CNN to throw away their so-called military experts and hire me ?-)

Friday, April 11, 2003

I think that the fact nsSelection::MoveCaret() does not check nsFrame::IsSelectable() is the root of my current problems. That's a bug anyway since it allows to place the caret in a frame that's not necessarily selectable...

Alexandre Adler

Alexandre Adler dont je lis en ce moment "Au fil des jours cruels" écrit décidément bien, et ne pense pas que des bêtises. Mais il devrait arrêter de dire méso-Amérique au lieu d'Amérique Centrale, je trouve ça très pêteux.

What an evening

It's 8pm; Maria is sleeping, she has fever, fighting against a bad virus, probably the same I got last week. My little shrimp Gabriel is sleeping, exhausted by pain, two teeth are coming. Michel is sleeping, exhausted because he played all day. 8pm and I am alone in the living room. Wow.

Private message

yes my friend, but that's even worse than you think: thisthat company is walking on its head, and it believes it uses its feet.

a world of words

Ganska roligt att läsa Gemal's blog på danska och förstå allt :-)

Update: Malina (joli prénom) me demande pourquoi je n'écris pas à chaque fois en anglais ET français ET suédois. Malina (nice first name) asks me why I don't post every time in english AND french AND swedish. Malina (fint förenamn) frågar varför jag inte skriver varje gång på engelska OCH franska OCH svenska.

Malina, you want to kill me or what ?-)


I am looking for the etymology of the name Evros (or Ebros depending on your transliteration), region of Greece. Drop me a mail please if you know about it.


Photo taken by Tristan from our office, a day of subway's strike. Special for jkeiser :-)

Thursday, April 10, 2003
Beauty is not forever

The most beautiful aircraft in he world, the only intercontinental aircraft having a name, will disappear from our skies before the end of the year. Sad day.

By the way, the CNN.com article linked above fails to mention that the tire burst because a Continential aircraft lost on the take-off track a piece of metal just minutes before Concorde's take-off. As an investigation from the french TV showed it, that piece of metal had been replaced by Continental Airlines just a few days before Concorde's crash. In front of the camera, a manager from Continental Maintenance team recognized the part was not the one they had to use. They used another similar one, but made in a different alloy, weaker and cheaper. 113 people died in Concorde's crash in July 2000 mostly because Continental Airlines used a $100 part instead of a $200. Deserved to be mentioned, I think...

Dark Henry

Watched Arte yesterday night (for me, all TV channels could disappear but that one) and the documentary "The Dark Side of Henry Kissinger". Very interesting. Very scary.

Wednesday, April 09, 2003
Partial conclusion

A few questions that most journalists seem to have forgotten.

  1. Why was the Iraqi army so dangerous for the security of the whole world?
  2. Where are the weapons of massive destruction?
  3. Where are the nuclear materials?
  4. Where are the proofs that Iraq was linked to Al Quaeda?
Tuesday, April 08, 2003
You said extreme-rightist?

Received today a nasty email from someone asking me why I care about the political changes in the US anyway since I live in that fucking country of cheese-lovers, and why I care about the arab-americans since they can go back to where they come from, after all.

Well, since you read this blog and since you asked, you'll get the answer in public, you moron: (a) I work for an american company, I work with a lot of cool people I appreciate, I have a lot of good american friends (b) I like the US, correction, I like what the US were before november 2000 (d) one of my best and oldest friends is an arab-american; he hates the fundamentalists, he is clever, speaks even more languages than I do, has a general knowledge (and a collection of books) I'd love to have. And I'm afraid the asshole at the White House, a clone of yours from a neuronal point of view, could put his name on a lettre de cachet.

Political irony

Vedat Kahyalar, local representative of the AKP Turkish party in Adana, visits a bar after the elections, followed by a cameraman of Arte. He shakes the hand of an old man present in the bar and starts the conversation:

  • Did you vote for AKP ?
  • Oh yes I did! (the man is smiling a lot)
  • Good man (now he smiles a lot too). Why did you vote for us ?
  • Well, just to try. We already tried all the other political parties before so...

Shploffff. That's the sound the throat of the politican did at that time. Maria and I laughed a lot.

HTTP tutorial

Yves Lafon, grand fournisseur de beignets de fleurs de courgettes au W3C, entame apparemment un tutoriel sur HTTP, sujet qu'il maîtrise plus que bien. C'est en français, profitez donc...

Tableless Web

We failed, and that 'we' means all the people involved in standardization, providing Web authors with a simple way of doing simple header+3columns+footer documents without tables. We just gave up, quite long ago, on the basis of false arguments expressed by either so-called gurus living in a world that is not a users' world, or by representatives of industrial interests who did not want to spend 2 weeks of time of an engineer to work on a quite simple solution. This is enough. I am bringing back that subject on the standardization table, with the firm intention to make CSS 3 have a super-simple solution to this problem.

What a hell is happening there!

The US are turning themselves into an extreme-rightist country at an interesting fast rate these days. Read this, and this. I think they will easily make the top cover of Amnesty International report this year.

Monday, April 07, 2003
Reading this week

warning: "Reading this week" will come back...every week :-) It does not mean anything about the quality of the book. It's just the book I have with me those days in the train.


Time Magazine, European edition, pages 24 and 25. Title: "The agony of a child". The photo takes all of the two pages. A young boy. 10 years old probably. His arms are both gone. He is burned black on half his body. He does not yet know that all his family died in the bombing.

What are you going to say to that child, misters Bush and Rumsfeld?

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