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Saturday, May 24, 2003

Bork bork bork.

Friday, May 23, 2003
I18N note to US media

Her name is Annika Sörenstam, not Annika Sorenstam, you damned diacritic eaters.

Thursday, May 22, 2003
A few answers
  • Dave Murray: thanks for s/Gaelic/Welsh/
  • Bjarne Mathiesen: yes, thanks for the hints, I am not a mac buddy...
  • Emmanuel Clément: la page sur Composer++ disait bien de créer un nouveau profil
  • Tom Malcomson: not at all :-)
  • Steve Swanson: thanks for MathML xpi link
  • Biju: Composer++ page moved to a faster site
  • Hisham El-Emam: no, a standlone Composer should still allow XPI downloads and the core editor is still part of the GRE anyway
  • Gregor Rosenauer: no, the current Mozilla installer does not allow to install only Composer
  • Erik Huelsmann: well, we are not trying to compete with the super-power of MSFT's notepad :-)
  • Markus Jung: at this time, allow to edit PHP-specific processing instructions is not on the radar. I think we have more urgent stuff first.
  • Andreas Schamberger: Composer Extension Central should, imho, contain docs on how to extend the editor, API reference, XPI examples, an index of composer-specific extensions, ...
  • DU: no, I disagree. When an element is absolutely positioned, it is movable using the mouse. It's then in the "unpinned" state. An element in the normal flow of the document is not movable and is "pinned".
  • Alex Vincent: it's easy, just draw a bad C|Net journalist's attention and done ;-) And please, YES, please make a Composer Inspector!!!!
  • Michael Kolmodin: see answer to Makus Jung above.
  • Ang Yuit: not sure we cn do something about tbody. Sorry but having tbody here is conformant to HTML 4.01 spec and this is more a bug of the browsers you listed than a problem on our side. We doing a standards compliant editor and will never comply to all browser quirks/bugs.
  • Simon Males: wassup down under ?-)
  • Tuncer M. Ayaz: agreed, we should have Print Preview in Composer too.
  • Chris Chabot: excellent question indeed. I have a little problem with the GRE... Let me explain and please don't understand that as "we're not going to use it". Size is a major problem for the GRE. An editor needs extensions that a browser does not need, an editor has probably less security restrictions than a browser, and some security checks added to the browser are blocking factors for the editor (I think specifically of some CSS OM security checks). It's still a bit unclear what means "standalone" for Composer. Sorry, that's all I can say for the moment. Embeddability is for sure very important so we will probably have to find a balance between features and GRE constraints...
  • Bill Creswell: making Composer standalone has no impact on the "rich" textarea editing that was known under name "Midas".
  • Rahim Virani: thanks for the message.
  • David D. Huff Jr: see answer to Makus Jung above.
  • Integration (etcint@XXXXl.net): you said "About 1000 teachers in our district use it to create web pages". WOW!!!
  • Juan Alonso Hernández: composer only.
  • Erwan Loisant: no, sorry. Composer is not a tool for super-geeks and we are not going to make a front-end for LaTeX... As you said, it would be very disturbing for average users. About assigning "styles" to elements, I'm working on it right now.
  • Minh Nguyễn: yes, absolutely. Thanks.
  • Paul Festa: don't try to interview me again.
  • Simon Willison: yes, unfortunately, your ideal content editor is not made for the masses...
  • Henri Sivonen: I know you don't like the style attribute. Sorry, but I, we, disagree with you.
  • infidel: XUL editing requires a very good XML+CSS editor first, and then a lot really a lot of UI.
  • Chris Casciano: we just want a good free wysiwyg standard-compliant extensible editor :-)
  • Emannuel Clément: Tidy ? Hmmmm. Let me think about it. Not sure.
  • all the people who offered to help on XUL/JS extensions: stay tuned, I will write some docs on how to extend easily Composer and make downloadable XPIs for it. Thanks for proposing your help!


Composer++, class assignment

This is the point 2.a in my list of thoughts for the future of Composer: class assignment to the selection. I trashed the patch in bug 16255 and rewrote it in a much better way. Here is the first screenshot.

Stay tuned!

Glazoux Reloaded

The Glazoucam is back, now attached to my linux box, up and running 24 hours per day.

Composer in Welsh!!!

The title says it all, check the first screenshot on this page.

Quote of the Day Reloaded

"I have sampled every language, french is my favorite. Fantastic language, especially to curse with. Nom de dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperie de connard d'enculé de ta mère." -- The Merovingian, in the Matrix Reloaded

Monday, May 19, 2003
Sniff and cry

I just can't believe people are detecting MSIE using selectors like

* html div

because this shit of MSIE is the only one accepting to select div elements here. Of course, html has no ancestor and no element at all should match that selector.

Composer++, less <br>

You can try the new win32 build of Composer++ with the fix in.

BTW, the Composer++ page moved to a faster site.

So you really want to see the reality?

ok, try it. But you'll end up disliking a bit more this crazy world, you've been warned.

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