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Saturday, June 14, 2003
Rest in Peace

WinIE is not alone any more, MacIE just died.

This is indeed a very strange year. I am not sure to like this future of the World Wide Web.

To the MacIE people: thanks. You have shown the WinIE people that better quality, better standards compliance was possible even with a small team. You have provided them with the best argument : jealousy.

Thursday, June 12, 2003
FrontPage 2003

So according to Microsoft, FrontPage 2003 is going to push hard on standards. Melisa Samuelson, a Microsoft product manager, even says "We've heard in the past that customers felt our code wasn't transparent enough, that we generated messy code. We've really focused on generating clean, industry-standard HTML code."

Excellent news, indeed.

UNFORTUNATELY Melisa, there is still a lot to do. Take a look at this screenshot, find the stucture toolbar above the content area and notice the nice <basefont> tag being the parent of the <body> tag... Industry-standard HTML code, right? Oh, I understand! It probably means, from Microsoft's perspective, that FrontPage 2003 is conformant to HTML made by FrontPage 2000 :-)



Apart from the fact I find the format toolbar too dark, I like this theme for Composer.

Iån Hicksøn ?

Is Ian applying for a position at Opera ?-)

Tuesday, June 10, 2003
Composer++, linux build

New linux build of Composer++ released with support for class assignment to arbitrary elements through the structure toolbar.

Mozilla Composer

I have now started working on a standalone Composer, just like Mozilla Firebird and Mozilla Thunderbird are standalone apps. All should be in the mozilla/composer directory. It is not a trivial task so do not expect a visible result in only a few days...

Tristan Nitot


Liberia, a total mess since 1815, thanks to the US. Liberia where US nationals finally find France and its army useful.

You said s/french/freedom/g ?

Monday, June 09, 2003
Immediately available for interview?

Apparently, my good friend Chris Lilley was immediately available for interview by Paul Festa:-)

Think Hungarian

Opened a bottle of hungarian wine Egri Bikaver with my cousin Léon and his wife Catherine yesterday evening. It was delicious, as Egri Bikaver always is. Many thanks to my colleague Jan Varga who brought me the bottle during his last trip to Paris!

What a nice wedding

My cousin Serge is now married. A superb wedding, on a boat sailing on the Seine. We started with a few drinks on the roof, looking at all the monuments of the city, from Eiffel Tower to The Bibliothèque de France and back. Trocadéro, Louvre, Institut de France, Ile Saint-Louis, Palais Royal, Notre-Dame, ... What a trip!!! What a wedding!!! And what a weather. 28 celsius, sunny, a paradise. So many friends there. Speaking french, flemish, japanese, american, yiddish, hebrew. What a pleasure to be in a multi-cultural environment... Food was just remarkable. Dancing was cool too, last time it happened to me in such a friendly atmosphere was years ago. Back at home at 3am, totally exhausted after one the most depressing week of my life. Sleep.

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