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Tuesday, July 15, 2003

Netscape hired me three years ago, AOL laid me off today (technically, having a french contract of employment, I am still employed; we don't throw away people in ten seconds here. We take thirty seconds, that's cleaner). AOL axed Netscape at the same time. People, it's over. Netscape is dead. Nothing to see here.

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Monday, July 14, 2003

Finally had some cycles to spend on this, between a big flu and sunbathing. Stay tuned.

Mentions spéciales

Juste parce qu'ils méritent qu'on le dise : la brasserie Vivaldi à Bayonne, à deux pas des Halles en bord de nive, sert un Achoa et un gateau basque absolument remarquables pour un prix très doux dans un cadre très agréable. Cerise sur le gateau, ils sont gentils, souriants, rapides et efficaces. Une bonne adresse à conserver.

Juste parce qu'ils le méritent aussi : le restaurant La Chaumière à Seignosse-Le-Penon ferait mieux de surveiller sa chaîne du froid au lieu de servir de la merde à sa clientèle. Service à chier, bouffe ignoble, à éviter à tout prix.

Want to hire me?

You are looking for an experienced software engineer, actively working on SGML/HTML/XML engines and editors since 1989, active member of a few W3C Working Groups since 1997, module owner of Mozilla Composer/Editor, able to work remotely for any organization from Paris (France), and even, why not, able to form a local team ? Drop me a mail at daniel AT glazman DOT org, thanks!

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