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Saturday, August 09, 2003
Stephen Donner's a proud hacker now :-)

Hey come on Stephen, I asked Boris to sr the patch so get an a= and make it land!!!


I am pretty sure you don't have that one; I am also pretty sure you never saw it before :-)))) Yep, I have one.

(American) democracy can be funny, american (democracy) can be crazy


Update: CNN.com

Decoder une (grosse) Raffarinade et l'ignorance des journalistes qui en parlent

Le premier Ministre français, notre (trop) cher Raffarin, vient de faire très très mais alors TRES fort. Il a déclaré que "la croissance subit une inflexion". Hum. Cela signifie donc que la dérivée seconde de la croissance aurait changé de signe. En clair et décodé, voici donc que cela signifie:

  • soit la décroissance de la croissance s'accélère, ie la croissance chûte de plus en plus vite,
  • soit la décroissance de la croissance ralentit, ie la croissance continue de chûter mais cette chûte se ralentit.

Comme on le voit, dans les deux cas, la croissance continue de chûter, c'est ça un point d'inflexion. On est bien loin de deux analyses sur cette Raffarinade lues dans la presse écrite au cours des trois derniers jours et qui affirmaient "une reprise sensible de la croissance".

Friday, August 08, 2003
Elephants can dance, Mammoths can't

If you want to read about computer market history, about an impressive guy and be sure that dilbertism is not only a disease of your company, buy Lou Gerstner's book about the resurrection of IBM and how he managed to impulse it. Also available in french.

Thursday, August 07, 2003
Scalopina milanese maestria for dummies

Pour deux personnes. On ne parlera pas des spaghettis ni de la sauce ici.

  1. deux escalopes de veau très fines, au maximum 3 mm d'épaisseur. Si vous n'arrivez pas à obtenir de votre boucher la finesse, il faudra diminuer le feu lors la cuisson et faire très attention à laisser cuire la viande sans brûler la chapelure...
  2. deux gros oeufs (+65 ou +70) à température ambiante
  3. mettre une grosse dose de chapulure fine (pas la dorée, pas celle avec les oeufs dedans, seulement la chapelure de base) dans une assiette
  4. garder les blancs des deux oeufs dans une assiette creuse, faire ce que vous voulez des jaunes qui ne serviront pas ici
  5. tremper chaque escalope des deux côtés dans le blanc d'oeuf
  6. tremper chaque escalope longuement dans la chapelure des deux côtés
  7. laisser sécher au moins cinq minutes
  8. recommencer une fois le processus, ne pas s'inquiéter si beaucoup de blanc d'oeuf attache à la chapelure, cela n'en sera que meilleur
  9. huile de tournesol en quantité généreuse dans une poêle à feu vif
  10. se baser sur la couleur de la chapelure pour retourner puis servir, doré virant sur marron clair ça va, marron foncé retourner ou retirer d'urgence

Bon appétit.

One after the other, again

Dear Mister Waterson, you were just selected by our National Lotery and you win a few dozens of years w/o AOL management above your head. Congrats again.

First bloggers' meeting in Paris was yesterday...

And you missed it ? Too bad. Was fun to meet "in real life" all these names I know virtually. Same feeling I got when I met for the first time some IETF gurus or attended my first W3C meeting. So who was there? Many people in fact. I was glad to see Tristan for the first time since he left the office, Karl Dubost that I unfortunately see almost only during W3C fiestas - and W3C fiestas are more academic than fun - and Stephanie Troeth - WASP!WASP!WASP! when she arrived. Finally met Laurent from Navire.net, it's always a pleasure to meet people who write so well. He has a nice coverage of the event. Our national Padawan was here too, long time no see. Saw for the first time Maïa, whose postings make me laugh a lot, and who seems to be a quite shy/intro person or in other words quite different from the image her blog is giving. Unfortunately I did not recognize her at all and I had to leave before we had a chance to chat. Note to self: find her book during next visit to FNAC...

The bar was crowded only because of us, and I can't remember all the names of the people I discussed with. Next time, we should find a better place to meet, and where we CAN HAVE DINNER TOO!!!! Good beer is ok; good beer with good food is better. Not to all: don't forget to check if the meeting place has an air conditioner...

Two mandatory tools for Dell Inspiron 8500

Also work with a wide list of other Dell laptops, check the web pages.

  1. Speedswitch, a CPU speed control utility. Much better than Intel Speedstep
  2. A fan and temperature control for most Dell laptops!!!
Wednesday, August 06, 2003
Composer, removing extra blank lines in source

Burpmaster made a fix to remove extra blank lines added when you switch from normal to source view in Composer; checked in by Pike today. Yay!


Sorry folks, Netscape's death delayed a bit all things. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 05, 2003
Microsoft Hell

I'm now playing with my new laptop. And I start appreciating Windows XP. Incredible, isn't it? But sometimes XP freezes w/o reason. Worse, Windows Update just proposed me to install a small list of patches... Make you own opinion : if you buy a brand new machine today with Windows XP SP1 installed, here are the fixes Microsoft wants you to install:

818529  Security flaw in IE SP1
330994  Security flaw in OE SP1
821557  Security flaw in Windows XP
811493  Security flaw in Windows XP
Q817287 Critical Security flaw in Windows XP
816093  Security flaw in VM
Q815021 Security flaw in Windows XP
Q329441 critical fix
814033  critical fix
Q329834 Security flaw in Windows XP
Q329390 Security flaw in Windows XP
Q329115 Security flaw in Windows XP
328310  Security flaw in Windows XP
810565  critical fix
810833  Security flaw in Windows XP
810577  Security flaw in Windows XP
??????  Security flaw in Windows XP
823559  Security flaw in Windows XP
819696  Security flaw in Windows XP
817606  Security flaw in Windows XP
817787  Security flaw in Windows Media
814078  Security flaw in Jscript
Q323255 Security flaw in HTML Help
816630  Security flaw in HTML Help
329170  Security flaw in Windows XP

Hum, to say the least....

D day

I've seen so many people post their "farewell" message on mcom.bad-attitude during the three last years that one of the last things I did was my own "au revoir" message. I left Netscape France offices today. Given the current temperature here (37,1 celsius), I think I'll miss the air conditioning ;-)

Monday, August 04, 2003

Tomorrow will be my last day of physical presence in AOL-TW building in Paris.

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