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Saturday, October 11, 2003
Active complicity ?

The Catholic Church, through one of his main speakers (Cardinal Alfonso Lopez Trujillo, the president of the Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Family; hey what a catholic priest can tell us about what's a family ???? But maybe he has hidden children and spouse, like many catholic priests...) has re-issued its warnings about contraception and condoms, saying that condoms do not stop HIV because the HIV virus is too small for the condom's porosity! In the thirld world, this kind of assertion is a mass-murderer. The UN should take sanctions against the Vatican state.

Thursday, October 09, 2003
Unordered, like always
  • I am preparing a first Windows package of Standalone Composer. Will be available next week. It will not contain all the features of Composer++ (class assignment, form elements button, ...) but it will be really standalone, using its own profile. It won't use the new toolkit yet.
  • dinner of geeks at Fuxia, 45 rue de Richelieu, yesterday evening. Absolutely remarkable italian food. Oh, well, not real geeks: we had no laptop on the table, no gadget, no gps. We're getting too old for this shit or what ?-)
  • That's for sure, Kafka did not know French bureaucracy. He would have committed suicide even before writing The Castle!!!
Wednesday, October 08, 2003
George W. Bush is not only an imbecile, he is a DANGEROUS imbecile

So he is "very happy" that Turkey is sending troops to Iraq to help the so-called coalition. What an asshole... Did someone in his team dare telling him that Turkey is seen in the Middle East as the former colonialist occupant ? Did someone dare telling him that the fall of the Ottoman Empire is not so old, that most people in these countries have strongs thoughts about Turkey, just like some old people in western European countries can have some strong thoughts about old German citizens ? Did someone dare telling him that however they act, the presence and ONLY THE PRESENCE of Turkish troops in Iraq can lead to pure chaos in Iraq ???? I just can't understand this man. Or someone DID tell him and that's exactly what he wants... He __is__ igniting fire and chaos in the Middle East. Then some day, he'll shout "stop" and hope to increase US power and presence in the region. There are lot of reasons for that : first is oil of course... Middle East oil, pipelines from Azerbaidjan, Saudi Arabia and Wahabi influence, Lebanese money and so on. Second is probably strategy, in front of Russia and China. Third is probably Mediterranean Sea and Europe... Fourth is Israël. Warning Mr Bush, you are really playing with fire, we have only one planet, don't break it.

Same mangler shoots again

Heard today bad rumors about the future of Mapquest.com... Is AOL going to kill all the good services they have to keep the bad ones, that is really the question.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Tantek, someone took your seat ;-)

Yet another Silicon Valley's geek on french national TV... Tuesday 07-oct, France2's 13h00 news, Jean-Jacques Enser, his car, his beard, his son, a corridor of empty cubicles, an empty parking (but not bldg21's), his group of french friends. "A former engineer from Netscape". I am disappointed... No computer, no digital camera, no GPS, no gadget ?-)


Michel Rocard, former French Prime Minister, a guy having a lot of neurones and knowing how to use them, the only guy alive represented by a statue somewhere in France (can you guess where and why?), but also a very shy guy speaking in a very technocratical way (probably because he is shy), lets us know what he thinks of European Patents on Software. Interesting, indeed!

Update: congrats to Ludovic Hirlimann: Nouvelle Calédonie, Accords de Matignon.

Monday, October 06, 2003

Je prépare un petit mémo sur mes déboires avec l'Administration (et assimilés) au cours de ces quinze derniers jours. Il parait que la Loi a simplifié considérablement les formalités de création d'une entreprise. Nom de Zeus. Qu'est-ce que ça devait être avant!!!

Expecting a shutdown

If you still have some docs on people.netscape.com and if you care about them, I think you should really spend a few minutes to copy/save them... I think this fall is going to bring bad news for this server

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