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Friday, November 28, 2003
Nvu progress 20031128

As I wrote earlier, I spent a few cycles on a new colorpicker. Here's the first sketch. It already works very well.

Juste un peu dur de la feuille

Bindows, X-Window, Lindows, WinDos, Winbos, Vindows, Vindos, and many, really many others...

Microsoft is suing only one entity in the above list, guess which one?

Thursday, November 27, 2003
A logo for Mozilla!

No, I am not meaning at all that Mozilla needs a new logo. I just found this link, and yes, you got it right, that's a XUL/JS/SVG implementation of the LOGO language, the one designed by Seymour Papert!!!

A new color picker for Composer

I am working on a new enhanced color picker for Composer, based on the very nice HTML+JS work made by Neil Marshall. Many thanks to Neil who lets me reuse his work for the XUL implementation.

Nvu progress 20031127
  • prefs done
  • KDE settings done
  • UI tweaks done
  • site manager: only one bug remains

Small Screen Rendering XPI available

I've made a new XPI available through Disruptive Innovations. It adds a new menu entry to the View menu and that menu entry toggles on and off a Small Screen Rendering mode: the width of the page is reduced to 176px (Nokia cellphone screen width), tables are flat, images are resized, ... If you develop web sites with cellphones in mind, you are going to love it.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003
Pei's word on EOLAS/Microsoft

He was here before us. He did it before us. He did it all before us. What he did is still by far a clever precursor. Ladies and Gentlemen, it's a rare pleasure when Pei Wei, the father of the very first graphical Web browser Viola, writes a new document about the Web. And when it's about EOLAS vs. Microsoft, given the fact he did embeddable objects long before any of us...

Tiens un blog marrant

J'aime pas tellement sa présentation, mais le contenu me plait.


Morceaux choisis:

Pour lutter contre l'ennui au bureau, c'était le Blog ou les parties de Démineur. Alors j'ai choisi le Blog... Mon avis surtout est un rendez-vous régulier avec mes pensées plus ou moins profondes sur l'état du monde et la coiffure.

Niche marketing

Il y a quelques semaines, mon ami le Pape (qui ces derniers temps fait une super promotion pour l'euthanasie) a béatifié Mère Teresa. Voilà une femme sainte en effet. Elle a dévoué sa vie entière aux pauvres de Calcutta, les lépreux, les milliers de malades meurtris dans leur chair, rebus de la misère absolue. Elle a mené avec eux une vie de pauvreté dans la crasse et l'odeur de la mort. Elle fut récompensée en 1979 d'un Prix Nobel de la Paix (comme Kissinger, c'est une référence…) qu'elle salua dans un discours plein de foi (normal, en même temps), n'omettant pas de préciser que " the greatest destroyer of peace is abortion " (grosso modo : " le plus grand ennemi de la paix est l'avortement ").

Ben moi je dis : normal. La surnatalité, les enfants abandonnés dans le caniveau, cette multitude non désirée née de mère lépreuse de 13 ans, après tout c'était son fond de commerce. Le droit des femmes à disposer de leur corps aurait porté un grave coup au marché indien du miséreux et du lépreux. C'était un coup à casser le marché.

Your battery level is low

I am super-sick. Kind of a replay of the disease I got last July. I hope it's not a real flu, the epidemy has started very strongly here in France. Don't expect to see me online often in the next 24 or 48 hours, I can hardly leave my bed.

Update: it is influenza; the real one; the one that keeps you in bed 15 days; and I got a vaccine shot a month ago, and it did not work that well. My day of luck apparently...

This is Microsoft...

This could be a MAJOR proof in the european trial against Microsoft. Excerpt from Michael Robertson's weekly letter (he is the CEO of Lindows.com):

Mail sent by a Lindows reseller Lindows.com's reply

From: verkoop@dvcs.nl
Date: November 25, 2003 13:01
To: Kendall@lindows.com
CC: Michaelr@lindows.com
Subject: Microsoft Trial

Hello Kendall,

i,ve got a strange phone call this morning from Microsoft Netherlands. They are saying that they are preparing a trial here agains lindows and
they want to involve my company DV Computer Systems (www.dvcs.nl) in this trial because i sell my computers with Lindows Operating System (I'm am the
only bronze builder here).

Next Friday they are coming to me , to talk to me about this. What i understand from that phonecall is that they want that i stop selling Lindows OS computers.

I don't like this but when they are taking this to court and involve me then i must stop selling Lindows OS because i don't have the money for lawyers.

I hope you or your staff have any suggestions.

Grtx Hans de Vries

Computer Systems

To: verkoop@dvcs.nl
CC: steveb@microsoft.com, jean-philippe.courtios@microsoft.com, COMP-CONSUMER-OFFICER@cec.eu.int
From: michaelr@lindows.com
Re: Microsoft Trial--


First, thanks for working with Lindows.com as an international partner.

Your email was very disconcerting to read because it seems like another example of Microsoft attempting to eradicate all competition through any means. While they say they invite competition, behind the scenes they seem willing to take any actions - including blatant extortion - to squash competition.

I want to assure you that we will do what we can to support you. I understand you have a meeting this Friday. Although it's the Thanksgiving day holiday weekend here in the US and I was hoping to spend time with my family, I will commit to personally attend that meeting and sit alongside you.

Please confirm the meeting today with the Microsoft representative and I'll make travel plans accordingly.

Thanks again for being our partners. Together we are bringing CHOICE back to the PC business.

-- MR

Michael Robertson
CEO, Lindows.com - World's Most Affordable Choice

In the meantime, Israël's Minister of Commerce drops MS Office and moves to Open Office (link in danish, I am too sick today to find the english equiv)

Monday, November 24, 2003
Update on Nvu progress 20031124

I made an XPI with Nvu's FTP site manager, the one you see (in a very early version, the current one is MUCH better) in this screenshot. It's purely chrome. Yes... Then I made page installing it as a sidebar for Mozilla Application Suite... Well, it works just fine. My Mozilla 1.6a now has Nvu's FTP Site Manager :-)

Nvu progress 20031124
  • almost finished the FTP site manager. It now allows two different views: tree view of the whole site, view of one directory only with a special entry to go to the dir "above" the current location.
  • worked on integration with KDE settings.
  • started writing docs for nvudev.org
URGGGGGGHHHHHHH, caugh, caugh, berk

I told you that AOL is always able to do worse when you don't expect it... Take a look at the screenshot below, that's the "new" Netscape Navigator", as seen by AOL.

Apparently, some people are more angry than I am...

Sources: Fernando Cassia (private email) about his own article in The Inquirer.

Sunday, November 23, 2003
Michael Moore

I have started reading his last book "Dude, where's my country". Some say Michael Moore is hilarious, helpful, intelligent, useful. smart, american, brilliant, lethal weapon, and a lot of other blablaish adjectives. I will only say he is subversive, and that's a deep compliment in my mouth.

" Dans ce pays, il n'y a que le Canard Enchaîné et ma pomme qui soyons subversifs. " -- Michel Colucci, aka Coluche, cité dans le numéro du 70ème anniversaire du Canard

Mkhedruli, Khutsumi, Asomtavruli. You said Iberia ?

A few times per month only, I really enjoy the Web, because it provides me with information I just could not get otherwise... First, try to buy a Georgian newspaper here in Paris. Georgian ? Yes, I mean from the country Georgia, not from the US state! I was looking for such a paper today because of the events in Georgia : Chevarnadze, who was already at the head of the contry 33 years ago, resigned today under the pressure of the street. So I wanted to take a look at the web site of the most active georgian student community against Chevarnadze, called Kmara. I found www.kmara.ge. I can"t read Mkhedruli and I don't understand a single word of Georgian but I find the writing so beautiful...

Starting from there, I wanted to find some news about Georgia coming from georgian sources, but written in english, french, spanish or swedish. Browsing from URL to URL, I was very happy to find OMNIGLOT, a great site about writing systems made by Simon Ager. Kudos to Simon for this impressive work! Omniglot has now a nice spot in my personal bookmarks, with L'Ethnologue and a few other linguistic sources.

I hope you'll enjoy it too. OMNIGLOT contains tons of information, and deserves a loud "bravo"!


CaScadeS, my CSS editor add-on for Mozilla Composer, will be reviewed in next February's release of italian PC Magazine. The XPI will be included in the companion CD.

Une étoile ternie

Reprenons la série "critique gastronomique" que j'avais entamée avec le lamentable Bisto Champêtre il y a peu... Il y a de cela plusieurs années, mon épouse et moi nous balladions un dimanche matin dans ce qui allait devenir notre lieu d'adoption, Saint-Germain en Laye. Ayant décidé qu'il était trop tard pour ré-enfourcher la moto et revenir déjeuner à Paris 11ème, nous avons cherché un restaurant sur place. On a fait le tour du coin dans tous les sens et notre choix s'est finalement arrêté sur La Feuillantine, dans une des ruelles piétonnes du centre-ville.

Divine surprise. Nous avions mangé super-bien... C'était délicieux, le service était bon, le prix correct pour la qualité, nous étions TRES satisfaits. Tellement satisfaits que nous sommes revenus régulièrement, et que nous y avons emmené la famille et les amis.

Samedi soir, nouvelle descente à la Feuillantine, avec une partie de la troupe suédoise de Saint-Germain ;-)

  • Service assez mauvais. Le maître d'hotel est débordé, la serveuse ne sait absolument pas ce qu'elle sert.
  • Nous avions une personne âgée avec nous et avions expressément demandé lors de la réservation à avoir une table LOIN de la porte. Evidemment, la table qui nous était attribuée d'office était la table DEVANT la porte. On a dit non.
  • Le vin, un Sancerre rouge, était nul et TRES cher. La Feuillantine a nettement augmenté ses prix sur les spiritueux, et cela va trop loin.
  • Les entrées étaient bonne mais sans plus.
  • Le filet de boeuf était tout simplement dégueulasse. Trop cuit et sec. Les poireaux l'accompagnant n'allaient pas du tout avec.
  • Les desserts se sont totalement cassé la figure. Nul. Les trois tables à côté de nous étaient entirèrement d'accord. Mon "chocolat d'antan" était une brioche aux amandes complètement ratée à recouvrir de chocolat fondu. Nul.

En résumé, une chûte spectaculaire pour LE restaurant le plus rempli de la ville. A oublier d'urgence le temps que le patron, Poirier je crois, se refasse une nouvelle virginité sur des bases saines

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