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Saturday, December 06, 2003
David Baron on table layout

Clear, simple, not technical, a must-read. In particular if you are a fanatic of strictER HTML.

Friday, December 05, 2003

<George> See Condi, Donald, Colin and even you Dick, you have a real problem here. You find something that makes me reelected in 2004 or you lose your job.
<George> And if you lose your job, say goodbye to the billion of $!
<Dick> hey, after all, we could ask Chirac something
<George> you'll have to find a very good argument to convince me we need something from him....
<Colin> listen, that guy has been messing up pretty much everything he touched for the eight last years and he should be in jail. He is still the president of his country, and was reelected in 2002 by 80% of his country
<George> they have elections in Africa ?
<Condi> Sir, I already told you that Shiraz and Chirac have nothing in common and that Shiraz is not in Africa.
<George> Let's prefer an American way of doing. We have to find something, anything, that the population of this country can be proud of
<Colin> cough, cough, cough
<George> let's go again on the moon!
<Colin> "Quand le doigt montre la Lune, l'imbécile regarde le doigt"
<Dick> isn't this french?

Tab-editing in Nvu

After a few days of work, this starts looking fine... I am able to edit multiple documents in one window only using tabs. Used with the FTP site manager, that's very cool....

Nvu progress 20031205
  1. colorpicker TODO list:
    • make a menulist with CSS2.1 predefined colors
    • clicking on a color in colorpicker should make the OK button become the default button
    • clicking elsewhere should remove the "default" state from the OK button
    • double-clicking on colorpicker should select color and close dialog
    • add LastTextColor, LastBackgroundColor, ... back
    • add the table cell stuff back
    • debug the input handler on textboxes
  2. continue work on tab-editing
Thursday, December 04, 2003
Proposed XHTML module: XForms Basic

Ian Hickson, who should sleep more, wrote a document that you must read. Un gros pavé dans la mare, as we say in French...

<Hixie> comments are welcome on http://www.hixie.ch/specs/html/forms/xforms-basic -- please send them to the address given at the top of the document
<glazou> Hixie: I'll read your doc tonight; I think this is a "gros pavé dans la mare" :-)
<Hixie> glazou: haha, yup :-)
<glazou> Hixie: very nice work
Nvu progress 20031204

This image will tell you all (click to enlarge)...

Robert Accettura


Oui, faites-vous peur en allant visiter Skyblog, la machine à blogs de la radio SkyRock. Mais si Skyrock... La radio dite libre qui invite des des gens simulant la prise de drogue permanente, des ex-actrices de film de cul et autres variétés animales bizarroïdes du plateau. Allez ensuite faire un tour sur quelques b logs hébergés là-bas, en vous disant bien que SkyBlog héberge une TRES grande partie des blogs existant en France. Ca y est, vous y êtes ? Le jeu commence. Balladez-vous de blog en blog. Quand vous en avez trouvez un rédigé en français, je veux dire vraiment en français, pa un dialekt de djeunz ki tu de la mor ka lair ékri avek un mobile, vous avez gagné. Oui, vous avez le droit de vous ravitailler et même de dormir pendant cette Quête. Bonne chance.

N'empêche que s'il fallait établir un lien vers un des blogs-là, je serais bien en peine de donner une valeur à l'attribut hreflang... fr-djeunz ?


It's quiet here... Far too quiet... After three years like this, it's too quiet. Give me a call at +33 1 34 51 07 22 or come visit the place.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003
Mozilla is on the Front Page :-)

Sorry for the title, I just could not resist. Mozilla is THE main subject of Linux Magazine's issue of December 2003 here in France. 28 pages devoted to Mozilla, XPCom and XPFE!!! Waow!

from Pascal Chevrel

New workplace

Finally... I moved my workplace from my flat to these nice new offices.... Just in case :

  • phone: +33 1 34 51 07 22
  • SIPphone: 1 747 669-2349
Tuesday, December 02, 2003
Quote Of The Year Award

You can't hide the truth :

" Where did we screw up and why is David Gang such an asshole ? "

BWAHAHAHAHA :-) No, I am not going to tell you who said that but I really enjoyed that moment. BTW, his who's who entry does not mention that he is the sole responsible for the liquidation of Iplanet (the Sun/Netscape so-called alliance) in 2001, and Netscape in 2003. Those two decisions were his decisions.

Sunday, November 30, 2003
Test your site in Safari even w/o a mac

The title says it all, this is a VERY cool service!!!!

pref("glazou.rant.mode", true);

If you really want me to add a feature to Composer/Nvu, I am telling you, insulting me is definitely not the best way to get your dream achieved before the final Armageddon... And I am writing this today specifically for Brian O'Neill. I am not spending 15/16 hours per day on Composer/Nvu to read your insults. You miss something in Composer right now? Start contributing code right now; in other words, you have neurones ? USE THEM!

Even better colorpicker

Following Laurent Jouanneau's excellent suggestion (private email), I completely remodeled my color picker to better match the standard KDE color picker. It's only a beginning, it will be much better in the end, with the ability to record twenty user-defined colors and a list of the ten last color picked from the colorpicker.

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